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Where mali is located

Its located in the middle of africa.

Mali's capital

Mali's capital is Bamako. Bamako is a very hot place to be in. They can go over a 100 degrees.

Mali population

Mali's population has grown over the years. Since 2013 mali population has went up to 1.5 million people in the country today and still growing.

Mali's flag

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Over looking mali

Looking at how people live

What part speaks french

The number of people in Mali that speak french is very low. Mostly everybody in Mali speak all different types of languages and are from different cultures.
Mali, Africa - Documentary Trailer

The other languages

They speak french,American sign language,Arabic,Hasanya,Bamako sign language,Bamanankan,Bangime,Bankagooma,Bolon,Jenaama,Kelengaxo,Tiemacèwè,Tieyaxo,Dogon, Ampari and ect

Desert blues

Desert Blues Musikprojekt aus Mali Teil 1

How to say mali in french

Mali is spelled the same way and sounds the same i french. This makes it a codenat

Mali's money

Their money is different than the us money. Their money has different colors and different sizes.

How great is mali

Mali is a beautiful place to visit. They have beautiful beaches around them all the time.
Mali Music - Beautiful

This is beautiful by mali music