The Histroy Football

Early Football Gear

Early football This was early in the history of football . But there was a problem there was not a lot of gear to protect them. Although there was gear. The gear they did wear was often dangerous for the players because of the material.The material they used was metal. They would use nails or metal plates in their shoes.The also had another problem they were wearing leather caps that did not protect them. So they made plastic helmets this was a solution to the helmet problem and the solution for metal on shoes was they banned it. According to


Ties used to frustrate people because the way they were people didn't thank it was right. The reason people didn't like it is because when there was a tie that was it game over it was a straight up draw. They effect of this was the that the football league got together and change the rules to what they are today. Wich is when there is a tie at the end of a game they go into this thing called overtime.In overtime there is 15 minutes put on the clock and a team must score a touchdown to win. If a field goal is kicked they other team has a chase to score.

DIfferent type of football

Ok you're probably like WHAT DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOTBALL NO WAY? But guess what there is original American football and came from a game you now as soccer. NOW YOU'RE LIKE NO WAY THEY'RE TOTALLY TWO DIFFERENT SPORTS? But there not really in Europe soccer is called football. Football originated from soccer and a sport called rugby. These sports started off football because they way they were played. The big difference from soccer is that in football you're allowed to carry,run,and throw the ball,and the difference from rugby is that in football Allows each team to control the ball in alternative possessions. There the same because in rugby you you score touchdowns and you have a certain amount of downs. Soccer and football are they same because have offensive and defensive teams ,and you also have a main player also they both have rectangular fields.

How to get ready for football

So you put your gurdal on this is protection for the tail bone and the hip.Next you put on your pants these give protection to the knees and thigh.Third you need to put you shoes on these shoes must be cleats a

shoe that has these bumps at the bottom allowing you to turn faster and easier. Then you need the pads shoulder/chest pads these allow protection to the chest area and shoulders. Finley the helmet and mouthpiece.The helmet protects the head as the mouthpiece protects the mouth.Lastly the chin strap so you helmet don't fly off.