Third Grade GT

Parts of the Brain Presentation


I will be out for the next two weeks having surgery. During this time, the students are doing independent projects on Google classroom. I will monitoring them from home and giving them feedback on their presentations. They will be working on these projects during their regularly scheduled GT time in the classroom. The model of the brain will be done at home. I have provided the styrofoam ball. If you have any questions, please feel free to text or email me.


Create a slideshow about the part of the brain you are assigned.

Your presentation should include:

Title Slide

Introduction to your part of the brain

Its job

Parts of the body it controls

Science experiment that shows how it works

What happens if this part is injured

1 video about your brain part (no longer than 3 or 4 minutes)

Final slide should have a list of websites you used

You should have at least 10 slides. Make it interesting. Remember your audience. The parts of the brain are assigned as follows:

Frontal Lobe- Hannah

Temporal Lobe- Griffin

Cerebellum - John

Occipital Lobe- Eli

Parietal Lobe - BriLeigh

Brain Stem - Boston

Thalamus - Isabella

Hypothalamus - Sydney

Student will also make a model of the brain from a styrofoam ball. They may make a model from something else if they so choose. Models should be painted/colored and the assigned part should be labeled.


If you have a question, please contact Mrs. Flenor.

Cathy Flenor

GT/AP/Testing Coordinator LPSD

cell: 501-626-5891 (please text)