Fall Creek Elementary Phy. Ed.

Teacher - Jason Martzke

January - 2015


  • If your child (K-1) would still like to become a member of the "Shoe Tying Club", just have them bring in their colored shoe once they have learned to tie their shoes on their own. We are hanging all of these shoes up in the elementary gym.
  • Students can still turn in their December Physical Activity Calendar to Mr. Martzke.


  • In December our K-3 students had a great time dancing. Mr. Luhman taught the K-1 students the Cha Cha Slide and Jiggle Bells (The Crazy Frog Version). They also did Roger the Robot and Listen and Move activities. The kids in 2-3 did the Cha Cha Slide and Jingle Bells, and also learned the Cupid Shuffle. Both groups also had a chance to free style dance to different music. All of the students should be prepared for your next wedding that you have to attend.
  • Students played Rudolph Tag in the days leading up to the Christmas holiday.
  • Our 4th and 5th graders played Cuff ball during December.


  • Currently, our 2nd-5th grade students are working on their basketball skills.
  • Our K-1 students are working on their ball skills which includes rolling, bouncing, catching, and dribbling playground balls and basketballs.
  • 5 minute club for all students in K-5.
  • K-5 will have scooter activities later in January.


As we start the new year, it has been extremely cold outside. Hopefully, it will warm up soon so that everyone can enjoy the winter weather and outdoor activities. I have included a couple of articles that list different activities you could do with your family.

Outoor Activities

Family Fun

I have also included an article on the benefits of physical activity on students academics. The latest study from the CDC has shown that students who are phyically active or particpate in sports have higher GPA's, lower drop out rates, and less disciplinary problems.

Benefits of Physical Activity on Academic Achievement

Our student teacher, David Luhman, has done an outstanding job this past two months with our students. Our kids really enjoy Mr. L and will miss him when he is done on January 22nd. We wish him well as he moves forward with his career.

One last reminder, students that are filling out the activity calendars, should have received the January calendar last week. The activity calendars are a great source to keep our students active outside of school, even when it's cold outside. Your child doesn’t have to do all the activities on the calendar. If they are involved in sports or other activities like playing outside, check off the date on the calendar. If you didn't receive a calendar, you can print a copy from the link below.

January Activity Calendar