The Climb to Perserverance

By: Kevin Solm

Spare parts: Christian Vs Lorenzo (Compare and Contrast)

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Sam from Ways to live forever by Sally Nicholls: The battle of Leukimia, striking harder than ever before (Cause and Effect)

Sam's adversity was he was diagnosed with Leukemia at a young age, affecting him by not letting him able to do fun stuff, like he barely can go sledding, or even just climb up a tree. At this time period it affected Sam a lot because there was and is no cure for Leukemia, leaving him battling this disease. This disease affected Sam because the effect of the disease caused him to get hurt a lot more easier than others. Sam's entire goal of his short life was only to finish of his bucket list. He persevered to do this, and later on completed all the things he wanted to do. It was tough for him to do some of these goals from his ADVERSITY(Leukemia). From this, his parents where OVERWHELMED because they couldn't do anything to help Sam out of this. No one could. Even with this unlucky outcome, he still continued to be NOBLE even though he knew he was dying. In other words Sam was PERSISTING to finish of his list even from an adversity like Felix's death. When Felix died Sam FALTERED not knowing what to do, but then he figured out, just do what Felix would do. In other words, just do it is what Felix always thought, so Sam with that motto to keep him going on his journey to complete his list. At the end Sam ended up dying, but he died in his sleep peacefully with everything he wanted to do done in his list of things to do before he died. He impacted not the world so much but everyone he knew because he showed that even with his problem he still did what he wanted in life.

Steve Jobs: Problem and Solution

The problem for Steve Jobs was he couldn't find the money to do what he needed, but he still had RESOLVE to keep on going although all hope seemed lost. With that problem he just had a couple friends and siblings helping him out with money and confusion problems. He couldn't find a place to work so he had no other choice to go to other than his garage. Steve Jobs always finds a way around the problem to make it as good as possible. Some sayings of Steve Jobs is that he would grab the device made and throw it in a fish bowl to see if any bubbles come out, if any bubbles do come out then he will tell the person to fill up the space or just make the device smaller/thinner. This goes to prove that Steve Jobs had so much AMBITION to build something worth the struggle, he didn't just want to build something and say "Done!" He wanted to change technology for the better, and make it the way he imagined, so he never YIELDED but it wasn't till a while of working that he completed his imagined product. This shows that he persevered through his problems, always finding that one route that helps him for the better. But later he got kicked off the company from all the conflicts he brought to the company, this made it much less possible for them to be able to pull off this difficult task.

Unstoppable Timeline (Sequence)

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Caines Arcade: The Power of Perseverance (Description)

Caine Arcade shows a lot of perseverance because Caine doesn't stop trying to influence costumers to try his cardboard arcade. He would get less than 1 costumer a day, sometimes not even 1, but he still persevered through and continued to create more cardboard arcade games and continued to try and influence costumers to play. One example of perseverance is that Caine MUSTERS up the courage to keep going with his arcade, and so he does by influencing customers to play. Caine wasn't recognized until one costumer showed the world what he was doing. His adversities was that he doesn't have a lot of money but still creates these games. He is limited in supplies but still tries his best to find a way to create his arcade. Another reason he struggled was that there would rarely be costumers. But still he is PERSISTENT on creating more games and getting more customers.

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