Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

May 3, 2013

The End Is Near!

We have officially hit the "20 something" days left of school! It's mind boggling to think about how fast it's gone by! The weather is finally getting nice out and the students are starting to get a bit antsy! We have many important things to cover yet this school year, so please encourage/remind your student to stay disciplined in and out side of school and make sure homework is completed each night. If you're ever unsure of what homework has been assigned, please check our weebly and click on the homework tab!

Here's what's been going on.....

Math- We're working on geometry. Naming triangles according to their sides and angles has been our topic, and we're also learning how to measure angles using protractors. There are a lot of awesome internet sites to support this concept on our district digs site. YOUR STUDENT HAS 10 MARKS HOMEWORK! (SEE LINK BELOW)

Science- We've wrapped up our motion unit and having finished our design challenge. Besides the concepts of motion/friction/force the students have had to practice collaboration techniques while working in groups. This turned out to be quite the hot topic during our science unit. It's a 21st century skill to be able to respectfully work with others and value other people's ideas/opinions, and this was a struggle for us during this unit.

Social Studies-Next week we're beginning our unit on Ethnic Groups. Stay tuned!


Writing- We are creating a flyer for displaying our biographies. The students are learning about plagiarism and how to make sure they are thorough with their facts.

Daily 5-We are starting to create a Reader's Theater (Next week Monday) and I will be conducting each students' final running record assessment to pass on to Lineville for next year. Please encourage your student to continue practicing reading strategies at home, and utilize strategies continuously to monitor comprehension.


Please have your student review his/her MAP goal and practice using our practice sites for the upcoming test! It is so important that progress is made as this is one of the measures the district uses to map student achievement! Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Running Record Assessments-May 8th