All About Me

Kajanan Nandakumar

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Who Am I?

My name is Kajanan Nandakumar, born October 21, 2000, in Toronto, Ontario. I was always fascinated about the world around me, paying attention to small details and observing things thoroughly. I loved to figure out how things worked, to see how things fit together and what they did. This led to my love in the sciences and maths.Secondly, I like being athletic, going outside to play various sports with my friends. I am constantly playing sports such as basketball, baseball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, martial arts, etc. Other than just playing sport I also enjoy nature and the outdoors. Thirdly, I am usually a quiet individual when with strangers but I am very outgoing with close friends. I would also be described as competitive, because I hate losing, and always give 110%, and if I'm not good at a sport just yet I will practice daily until I improve. Other than that I am very intuitive, able to understand complicated things very quickly, and teach others the skill or lesson. Other qualities of mine include kind, friendly, and funny.

My Life Line

My Birth

October 21, 2000

Age: 0

This is the day I was born in Toronto Ontario, in the Sunnybrook Hospital. I don't remember anything, so I can only express the point of view from what my mom and dad tell me. They said most of my family came to see me, as is tradition, and they said I was a fat baby. Apparently I had horrible skin at birth so I was immediately looked after but it was nothing to be worried about, I still have the bad skin though.

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Moved to uptown Toronto

March, 03 2001

Age: 0

After living in my first apartment for a few months, my dad and mom decided to move to uptown Toronto from downtown Toronto. Again due to my age I could not remember anything yet, so this is my mom and dad's perspective. I moved to Keele street, in apartment building 3460. This is when I spent 7 years of my childhood. It was the first home I could remember, and it was a tiny apartment my family of 4 had to squish into, but it was a home I will never forget.

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My Brother's Birth

July 22, 2002

Age: 1

This is the day my younger brother was born. I still could not retain any memories from the day, but the photos I have with my new baby brother show me smiling and holding him as tight as possible, I may have thought he was a new stuffy. Regardless, I was could not be happier to have a new baby brother in the house. I did always chase him around and play with him, but sometimes I played a little too rough.

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Got my First Pet

March 2003

Age: 2

This is when I got my first and only pet: Lila (A German Shepard). I still did not remember what happened the day I got Lila, but I remember playing with her at the age of 4 and 5, chasing her around. My parents always said she was always jumping around barking when she first arrived to my house, but I do not remember her like that, she was a quick learner, so she had become pretty obedient by the time I started having memories playing with her.

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Learned to Ride A Bike

July 2006

Age: 6

This is when I first learned how to ride a bike. My parents brought me to Downsview daily to teach me to ride a bike. I remember my dad holding me as I pedaled down a trail daily, after the third day I started riding alone, but I kept falling. My brother would stay at the side, once I almost crashed into him but my dad managed to stop the bike and catch me. The first time my dad let go , he gave me a push, and I went crashing to a bench, I was completely fine however. After the first 2 weeks I got the hang of it.

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Broke My Leg

December 2006

Age: 6

This is the month I broke my leg and got a cast for a whole month. I was opening a filing cabinet but it was locked so I kept pulling, and eventually it started to fall, I was able to jump back, but my leg was still caught and it broke.There was a table behind me, so I jumped under it, but my leg got caught so I screamed. My mom immediately called my uncle because my dad wasn't at home, we rushed to the doctor and got a cast, it was fun sliding around on the cast.

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Moved to Brampton; Made New Friends

December 21, 2007

Age: 7

This is when I first moved to Brampton, and started school at Stanley Mills. My first friend was Nathan, who I am still friends with to this day. The move to Brampton really stressed me out because I had a lot of really good old friends from Toronto, one of which who I still talk to. Moving to Brampton was also very annoying because most of my close family lived in the same apartment or very close, but now I was over half an hour away from them, so I thought I would only see them once every few months, but that wasn't the case, we went regularly.

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Lost In the CN Tower

May 2008

Age 7

My family was visiting from Switzerland, so we took them to see the CN tower, but when we got to the glass floor, I couldn't stop looking down, so when my family left I was left there alone. I was a moment away from sitting on the glass floor and begin to bawl my eyes out, thinking I would never see my parents again, but I remembered that my mom said if I ever got lost, find someone who looked friendly and ask to use their phone. I found a security guard and asked to use his phone to find my dad. The moment my dad came back I ran to him, as my dad thanked the guard.

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Went to the Dominican Republic

June 18, 2011

Age: 12

My family went to the Dominican republic on a trip, it was the best trip I had ever had. The amount of food we could eat there was unlimited so I completely devoured every fruit I could get my hands on, they had bananas, pomegranates, strawberries, coconuts, all ripe to perfection. The beaches there were amazing, the sane was very soft and the water was crystal clear, I remember laying on the beaches looking up to the sky.

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Broke My Arm

May 2013

Age: 12

This is the day I broke my arm. I was playing the Wii Sports tennis, and I accidentally hit my arm against the corner of the wall. My dad rushed me to the hospital, when we almost got a ticket but the police let us go, because my arm was swelling. The doctor said I had broken it, and I thought he was joking because my arm wasn't in too much pain, it was just swelling, but then I realized it was broken. I had to go to the hospital and get a cast for a month again. This was my second cast, and this one wasn't as much fun because I couldn't slide around, it restrained me from writing in school, and I had to go to graduation with it.

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My favorite pet... Lila!!! (The Dog)

Growing up I had a dog named Lila, it was my first and only pet. She was a German Sheppard and she was very smart. We got her as a puppy from my cousins when I was 2, she was very hyperactive. We taught her tricks like sit, fetch, lie down, "gimmie paw", etc. As she got older she got less and less active, but she would still come on walks and constantly keep me company. Lila always had a great attitude, I almost never had to yell at her (mostly because the time I started teaching her tricks, she was already obedient thanks to my parents) She past away, due to old age when I was 12, my brother and I were devastated for a few weeks, but we got over it, but after the first time my dad didn't get a second dog. I would have always enjoyed the company of another pet but I never really got over the death of Lila, she was my first pet and I could recall 1000 memories with her. My dad had a funeral for her, where a few close family members came to see her, no one really said much at the funeral, but I think that is because my dad had the funeral to help my bother and I to cope with the loss of a close family member. Lila will always continue to be in my heart, as she was always there in my time of need, and she was my childhood pet.
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My favorite food... Pizza!!!

Pizza is my favorite food by far, especially pepperoni pizza. I love my pizza from pizza nova, its always delicious and cheesy. The reason I love pizza so much is because its very cheesy and I love eating cheese, also the pepperonis are amazingly delicious. Pizza contains grain, dairy, meat, and vegetables (tomato sauce). As I grew up my dad worked at a pizza nova, so he would constantly bring me pizzas from there. I like home made pizzas too, but not just as much as store bought. Pizzas are so simple yet such an amazing idea/invention. They contain the major food groups, they're easily edible, they are not messy, the presentation and colour is not to shabby and the overall taste is just the perfect blend of ingredients, I'm no food critic, but pizzas have a check in every category for amazing foods. I know pizza is no fancy food, but that is what makes it so great, it can be eaten whenever and wherever, not to mention it is repetitively easy to make, and cheap. The simplicity of pizza combined with the taste, cost and accessibility makes it my favorite food, also I eat it at least once a week, so I am a little addicted to it.
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My favorite sport... Basketball!!!

Basketball is my favorite sport, both to play and to watch. Basketball is a Canadian invention that requires a lot of skills and patience to learn. I've been playing basketball since the age of 4, it was also the first sport I learned. I only follow one sport to watch and that is the NBA. My favorite teams are the Raptors and and OKC (Oklahoma City), and my favorite players are Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Russel Westbrook, and John Wall. I followed basketball since the age of 9, when I started watching basketball, it was because all my older cousins were into basketball and I wanted to fit in with them, but as I watched and learned how the professionals played I became obsessed with it. The reason I like watching basket ball is that it is a quick paced sport, with a great amount of skill packed onto a small court, so the competition is fierce. The reason I like playing basketball is because it involves a lot of physical activity, and it is generally a fun competitive sport with a friendly competitive environment. Compared to any other sport played by humans, basketball is unique and loved around the world. Using hands to dribble a ball, with extreme handle, and a massive amount of passing to teammates to eventually get the ball through a basket 10 feet in the air was such an amazing idea. Basketball has all the elements of a sport I want to play, a team, major skill, passing with strategy, strong physical capabilities and a unique way to score.
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My Leadership Style

I am best represented as being a "Delegator" when it comes to leadership styles. I know how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a team, and switch the pieces so the team will work as efficiently, and crucial as necessary. I am not too fond of sharing ideas during quick paced situations like sport games, because something will need to be done right away, so there is not enough time to discuss, and I will usually take the responsibility of getting a team to quickly complete a task using the given talents per member. This attitude of mine can also be reflected when I am coding or writing programs, I am usually required to work with others to build an efficient program, but I do not like sharing different thoughts because that will get me confused, so I tell every person what they have to code, based on their coding experience and ability to code. I find my own clear path to solve a problem, and use the given resources (in this case the talents and abilities of my teammates) to solve a problem quickly and easily. I do like sharing thoughts when there is a lot of time to plan out thoughts and all the members of a team have very similar abilities, but not when a team needs to complete a task soon and the members have specific traits.

I display the qualities of a "Delegator" in games and sports as well. In basketball I assign my friends positions to play, such as power forward and point guard, depending on their ability. I constantly tell them what other player to guard and what to do. I tell them if they need to pass more or less, or shoot more or less. For example, is there is a teammate outside ready for the shot, with the ball at a team mate who can drive with an closed lane, I would advise a fake drive then pass out to the shooter for an efficient play. I also use these delegating skills in baseball. I tell my teammates what position to play in the field depending on their catching and passing ability, and the order to bat, depending on their striking and accuracy ability. I am only a "delegator", when I know I have the most experience at the sport or activity being performed on my team, so I can assess the situation and help solve it efficiently.

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My Influences

My main influences are my parents, and my close friends. The internal factors that have shaped me are my interests in mathematics, sciences, and how the world basically works, and my competitive, friendly and fun nature. My interests have caused me to always to learn, no matter what it is that I am interested in. If I have a scientific question, I will make sure to have it answered. As long as I am interested in a topic, no matter how broad, or complicated, I work my best to understand as much of it as I can and teach others as much about it as I can. My competitive nature drives me to learn as many sports as I can and to be the best I can at those sports. The competitive nature of mine is revealed on the basketball court and the baseball field, I give it my all, and in the summer, I go to the park daily, sometimes for 8 hours or more, to practice, play and enjoy the sport, but I always remember to have a friendly attitude. My friendly and fun natures have helped me become friends with many people, and enjoy their company, as they enjoy mine. My friendly, fun nature always make sure I choose my friends wisely, because I know they will have a huge impact in my life, as I am easily influenced. I do not necessarily like talking to strangers, but I do enjoy meeting new friendly and kind people, and sharing a conversation to get to know them,

My external factors are comprised mainly of my friends and my parents, as well as school. My parents always encourage me to pursue my passions, and to always continue learning. They've guided me in my time of needs and they always give me good advice. Though they are constantly stressing the fact that I need to focus on my education and stop playing sports so much, I know that they are looking out for me and setting me on track for a better future. My friends influence my school decisions somewhat, also athletic and sport decisions as well. My friends always guide me in the right path as well, they help me when they know I am struggling and they support me when I am upset. My friends Ahmad and Ashan are prime examples of true friends, who will always help me in a time of need, and guide me on the right path. Thanks to my friends I am a kind, and friendly person, and thanks to my parents, my life is on track to a better future. Finally the teachers in school, and the general school curriculum have a huge impact as well, but it is always positive and help me live a better life.

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Role Model

My role model was Terry Fox. He was the first ever person too honestly inspire me. I remember sitting in an assembly hearing about Terry Fox's life, and thinking to myself that this man truly wanted to help people, and put himself under such horrible circumstances willingly to help cure millions of people. He faced struggles I couldn't even imagine taking on. He ran half way across Canada with an amputated leg, after fighting cancer, for the sake of helping people he could sympathize with, cancer fighters. I have heard many stories of courage and stories like that of Terry Fox, but his was the most influential, because he ended up living his life to solely help people. He also fought cancer and won, but then he got cancer again, and it was too far spread to stop. Terry Fox was able to inspire millions of people to help him with the run and to support cancer cure as well. Terry Fox was a true Canadian hero who gave his all literally to the very end to help a cause he believed in. Terry Fox was a man who had strove to make change in the world, and help people from suffering, for the cost of his own life.

I always think about making changes like Terry did, but they seem impossible, and I never know how to go about them, but Terry never ceases to remind me that anything, any cause you believe in, can be helped starting with you. He has inspired while I have played sports, participated in competition, and in my big decision making experiences. After I had learned what Terry did I had a different outlook on life, it was a huge impact on my life, decisions that could have completely gone south, did not because I always decided I wanted to help people just like Terry.

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My Future

My future job will most likely be an engineering job, particularly petroleum engineering. I have looked into petroleum engineering many times, I like the pay, the work and the environment. Petroleum engineering consists of heavy maths and sciences, my 2 favorite subjects. I excel at math and science so I can perform the job well, not to mention both job compatibility tests I took recommended petroleum engineering as my number one choice. The pay of a petroleum engineer is the highest pay (sometimes depicted as the second highest pay) of any engineering job, with an annual average pay of 132 000 dollars. The job industry for petroleum, and oil is stable currently, and has an increase in employee need, but if the job does become obsolete due to newer and better fuel sources, the courses taken in university to be a petroleum engineer can be used for multiple engineering jobs. The job offers constant trips to other provinces (paid trips), so I can help build infrastructure to mine oil. It also allows me to have constant collaboration with other engineers, and I like sharing my ideas to be worked on, and hearing intellectual opinions about creative ways and efficient ways to solve problems (in this case it is to mine oil). Between traveling provinces, collaborating with other engineers and the pay and stability, working as a petroleum engineer would be a dream of mine.

My plan to get to become a petroleum engineer involves completing high school with flying colours, and to go to university and complete a bachelors degree, then to complete a masters degree. I have already planned my courses all the way to grade 12, with 3 maths and 3 sciences for the entire year of grade 12. I am only focusing on these 2 subjects (maths and sciences) because these are the two subjects that petroleum engineering (math and science based) courses in university require (English will be completed in summer school). I also plan to study under my cousin who is currently in first year university, studying to become a petroleum engineer, she is very smart and can guide me through the path. The path to become an engineer will not be easy, but I plan on doing my best.

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Personality Test Results

A) Kinesthetic (38% Kinesthetic, 32% Auditory, 31% Visual)

B)ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

C)The Consultant (83% Investigative, 69%Enterprising)

D) Business, Math, Computers (Business 100%, Mathematics 100%, Computers 100%)


F-G)1.Petroleum Engineering





I)90% Left Brain

26%Right Brain

J) Thinker