A very interesting religion

What is the most important belief in the religion.

The most important belief is that they believe in the 613 commandments they believe in one god. They believe in only one god.

2. Why do they believe that?

They believe that because it is in the torah.

3. In your opinion, what makes the believers of this religion want to follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

They have faith in it. They find it likable. They believe what their ancestors tell them.

4. How do extremists in this religion justify their actions against nonbelievers?

They justify their action by saying it's a order from god.

5. Read about a current event that is relevant to the religion and try to explain the event from the perspective or viewpoint of its followers. What are the consequences (positive or negative) of this event on its followers or the world?

In march 2014 in Kansas city Frazier Glenn Cross killed 3 jewish people for which he now faces charges for killing. This is due to religious diffrences and no tolerance. He also likes Hitler since he screamed hail Hitler.

6. Use art or an artifact that represents the religion and explain why it is important, when it was created and who created it?

The artifact is dated back to the 10 century BCE. And helps prove that zion was their homeland.
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7. Use a song or poem from the religion and explain the lyrics and how they relate to the religion.

By Michael Druck © 2011

A Poet's View

Holiness is where the soul is. It says what god wants you to do. And about the torah
It is what G-d provides.
Holiness is what you get from Torah.
And it is you who decides.

G-d said you should be holy
because I, your G-d, am so.
I belong to you in particular.
I am the Creator, and that, you should know.

I am going to teach you mitzvahs.
My Torah teaches law.
Turn away from evil and do good.
Follow Moses and listen
he will tell you what he knows and saw.

Holiness is where the soul is.
G-d rewards you on your behalf.
He invests in your future.
Work 'til you finish your tasks.

All Jews are brothers.
Their souls belong to one G-d.
Love G-d, love Israel, love Torah,
love another like yourself;
love goodness, spare the rod.

Holiness is where the soul is.
Strengthen and spread yiddishkeit.
Influence your surroundings.
G-d is watching day and night.

Yes, holiness is where the soul is
and there are things of holiness to G-d.