An Interview With The Mr.Palma

by Cooper Olvey

Mr.Palmas 12th year in the district

During the interview Mr. Palma said "If i wasn't teaching right now id be coaching soccer" after he said this i asked "if you weren't coaching soccer then what would you do" he answered back very quickly saying "teaching".

After growing up in Honduras for most of his life, and getting his high school education while learning english at the same time, he moved to america and got his bachelor degree in Spanish and education.

Shortly after getting his degree, Mr. Palma went on and started teaching. at first he said he had trouble finding the right place for him to teach. he said he tried to teach in Fort Worth ISD and that did not fit his teaching style. Finally he found a spot at RHS teaching basic Spanish 1, but he also got to be an assistant coach for the Mens RHS soccer team.

After 3 years of teaching Spanish 1, he moved up to teaching Spanish 2, and also a class where he teaches kids who only speak Spanish at home.

Mr. Palma said that "I have finally found a school that I can finally call home."

Mr. Palma does day by day planning

Things about Mr.Palma

Here are some exciting facts about Mr.Palma.

Classes he teaches:

  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3
Grades he teach:

9th through 12th grade

classroom environment:

The classroom is really outgoing and you go at your own pace most of the time.

Classroom strategy:

He uses posters around the classes and uses iPad for us to look up definitions and do lessons online.

Hours a week:

He works up to 45-50 hours a week

His biggest challenges:

Probably getting kids to want to learn the class instead of looking at it like a credit.