Panther Roar!


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

- Edith Wharton

Week of 3/2/15

Big props to Robin Young for planning and implementing Minecraft lessons in our science curriculum to support student understanding of topographic maps and how topography relates to erosion.

-Laura Gibson

8th Grade Social Studies teachers rock! I appreciate their hard work and all they do for Ridgeview students.

-Daisy Woods

I want to send kudos to Tammy Duncan, Tabitha Pickle, and Gina Burgdorf. I am so blessed to work with such a supportive and funny group of gals! Since we have two subject-area STAAR tests to help our kiddos get ready for, this time of year can get very hectic and stressful for us, and I know that with you by my side, I will stay sane. #it'sinthedrive #let'seatkids

-Jennifer Porter

Kuddos to my wonderful 7th grade math team for working so diligently through all these new TEKS. The only way we will get through this is together! :)

-Megan Stillwell

Kudos to Mr. Mutscher and the Administration team for handling our school's delicate situation last week with as much care and grace as could be expected. The popcorn was a nice touch and did make a difference in an otherwise difficult day for everyone. I truly feel our school is being lead with kindness and concern for staff and students alike.

~Stacy Meisetschlaeger

Kudos to Ms. Troxler! She is just what we needed here at this school and in 6th grade this year.The students really appreciate her (along with the staff) and they are always making comments on how they know she cares about them.

~Jessica Maki

Kudos to Leti Sihalla and Linda Kay for working hard on the Running Through Time 5K. They are appreciated.

~Jessica Maki

Kudos to the World Cultures teachers, Hilary Perez, Jayson Cockroft, Kelly Salazar, and Gen Clark for making the Choice Sheet collection and turn in process run smoothly for our 6th graders.

~Carrie Procter

Christ Tong for his professionalism when dealing with difficult parents.

~Paul Garrison

Thanks to Holly Singer for taking charge and getting sub plans together for me when I couldn't do them myself! She is a saint!!!!!

~Jennifer Morgan

Thanks to Team 6-2 (Ratica, Sralla, Cockroft, Kelly, and McConnell) for keeping the team and my classes running. What a blessing!

~Jennifer Morgan

I would like to send a Kudos to Mr Tong for being a team player and working with a teacher, that is not on his team. Thank you for going above an beyond.

~Nichole Nunnaly

Thank you Val Williams for helping me in my time of need. I so appreciate it.

~Laura Rice

Week of 3/9/15

I would like to send a kudos to Natasha Jones and her crew for putting on and hosting an awesome Rodeo Social. RMS FAC hosted three other FAC campuses, along with their own FAC class and the RMS FLC class. It was a lively, engaging and downright fun event and I know the kids had fun and so did the staff.

~Nichole Nunnaly

Linda Kay and Leticia Sihalla for planning and facilitating such an amazing 5k race. There was a great turn out and some many of our Blackland family came out to participate it was an amazing event. As always Mrs. Kay successfully incorporates education, community and fun in such a way that it is hard to pass up. Thank you ladies for all your hard work

~Nichole Nunnaly

Kian Greely for all her hard work with CATCH. She was also involved in the 5K success. Setting up vendors and community businesses that promote healthy living. Job well done

~Nichole Nunnaly

Kudos to the Admin team for the delicious fajitas Wednesday.

~Tonne Williamson

Siri did a fantastic job with the rotation scheduling! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I'm sure you don't hear it enough, but you are amazing!

~Natalie Ortega

Thank you to Ana Arroyo for stepping in and helping out with 7th grade lunch duty! You are awesome :)

~Deanne Hart

SIRI RALPH! Siri deserves a crown, cape and throne for the roughly 100 hours that she has put into our Enrichmenton Wednesday. I hope that her spring break contains some waking hours during her convalescence! We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

~Laura Gibson

Kudos to all of the successful Fine Arts performances and teachers this week!

~Ashley Rhea

Thank you Laura Seelig for your amazing work with the Ridgeview ComicCon!

Ellen Duvall did an incredible job with the kids and they loved the artwork they created.

Jennifer Brown shared a student created video game and it was a hit with students and staff. She also manned the photo booth and we have so many terrific memories of this event because of her.

~Daisy Woods

Thanks to Mr. Cross and his Comic book club for their help!

~Daisy Woods

Thanks to the 7th grade math video wizard, Natalie Ortega, our kids are able to watch videos on how to solve problems step by step. The students are able to see what they did wrong on tests and they can work on test corrections this way in order to get ready for the retest. The students love it and can work at their own pace. Way to go Natalie!!!

~ Megan Stillwell

Kudos to Siri Ralph for doing an awesome job on Enrichment!!!!

~Jodi Choate

Monday 03/16-Friday 03/20- Spring Break

Wednesday 03/25 - WackyWednesday Theme - Favorite Basketball Team

Thursday 03/26 - Track Meet at CRHS 4-8pm

Thursday 03/26 - Orchestra Concert at 6pmin Cafeteria

Friday 03/17 - WEB Leader Lock-in at 6pm in Gym

Friday 03/27 - Theatre Performance at 7pm in Cafeteria

Saturday 03/28 - Honor Band UIL

Saturday 03/28 - Cheer Uniform Fitting at 9:30am-12:30pm in the Lecture Hall

Monday 03/30 - 7th Grade Writing STAAR Test- Day 1

Tuesday 03/31 - 7th Grade Writing STAAR Test- Day 2

Tuesday 03/31 - 8th Grade Reading STAAR Test

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3/2 Monica Marks, 3/17 Robin Young, 3/22 Megan Wike, 3/25 Karen Davis, 3/31 Becky McCully