Shaw Sundog Newsletter Vol 23.15

Quote of the Week: 11/21-11/25

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."

~John F. Kennedy

Winter Wonderland Family Night

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Math Masters

The Sundogs work hard on their math facts, striving to earn Math Master status, sign that coveted Wall of Fame, and receive their Math Master dog tag.

Math Masters are earned by:

Kindergarten: Writing #'s 1-20 without any reversals and counting to 100

1st Grade: Finishing addition fluency

2nd Grade: Finishing subtraction fluency

3rd Grade: Finishing multiplication fluency *earns a MM T-shirt*

4th Grade: Finishing division fluency

5th Grade: Long division

Congratulations to this week's Math Masters!

Alan Nashold- 4th grade math master

Arthur Dagg- 4th grade math master

Virtue of the Week

The virtue of the week this week is Thankfulness.

We focus on one virtue each week and emphasize that virtue throughout the week. Students will earn Sundog Tickets when they exhibit the week's virtue. Feel free to discuss this virtue with your child at home and find ways to acknowledge when s/he exhibits the virtue.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as students of the week for the virtue of Diligence last week:


Isla Dechamps

Jace Valdez


Charlie Sumner

Alina Lenyk

Alina Palko

1st Grade

Cooper Long

Myles Kesterson

Elliott Cox

2nd Grade

Ivy Sledge

Andrew Brockman

3rd Grade

Elijah Zhuchkov

James Froehlig

Vince Pauling

4th Grade

Kye Carlyle-Polston

Lucy Cox

5th Grade

Siri Strabel

Scarlett Bracken

Love & Logic

Love & Logic is back again next Tuesday, November 29th. Mrs. Allton and Mr. C hope to see you in person or virtually. Childcare is provided for in person participants.

When: Tuesday, November 29th

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Location: Shaw Library or virtually on Google Meet (see below)
Dial-in: (US) +1 414-909-4168
PIN: 873 237 784#

NO BUS Tuesday

Shaw has shifted to one NO BUS Day per week, which will take place on Tuesdays. Buses will be running the rest of the week.

Monday- PLC Day with buses running *school starts at 10:15am

Tuesday- NO BUS Day

Wednesday- Buses running

Thursday- Buses running

Friday- Buses running

End of Day Protocols

The end of the school day has a lot going on. Please understand we may not be able to get your child a pass if you call to change transportation after 3:00pm.

Additionally, we will not call into classrooms to pull students for early pick-up between 3:30-3:45; too chaotic of a time. Again, thank you of your cooperation and understanding with us.

Mark Your Calendar


  • Thur, 11/24: Thanksgiving Holiday, No School
  • Fri, 11/25: Thanksgiving Holiday, No School
  • Mon, 11/28: PLC Monday, 10:15am school start
  • Tue, 11/29: NO BUS Day
  • Tue, 11/29: Love & Logic for Parents, 5:00-6:30pm


  • Fri, 12/2: 1st Grade Field Trip to PAC in Anchorage 9:45-1:00
  • Fri, 12/2: Shaw's Winter Wonderland Title 1 Family Night 5:30-7:30pm
  • Tue, 12/6: AIMSweb Testing
  • Wed, 12/7: AIMSweb Testing
  • Tue, 12/13: Winter Music Performance 2:00pm & 6:00pm
  • Wed, 12/14: Music Club Field Trip to Babe's in Toyland 12:00-3:00
  • Thur, 12/15: Christmas Luncheon
  • Fri, 12/16: Kindergarten Field Trip Christmas Carols to Senior Home 10:00-2:00
  • Fri, 12/16: 4th Grade Bowling Field Trip 10:00-12:30pm
  • Thur, 12/22: Q2 Ends
  • Thur, 12/22: Russell & Moyer PK Field Trip to Happy Hoppers
  • Fri, 12/23: Teacher Work Day


  • Mon, 1/9: School Resumes; PLC Monday, 10:15am start time