My Favorite hero is a Author

R.L Stine

R.L stine date of bith

R.L Stine was born october 8th,1943 now he lives in in newyork city with his two dogs he is 71 years old new writig scary books

R.L Stine had the top famous books goosebumps

the impact in my life


he inspires me to write fantasic stories that mostly scary he inspire me to share it with every one that i now that i can become just like him one day if I wanted to I perfer that R.L Stine is my favorite author book hero
R.L. Stine: 2012 National Book Festival

what made he write stories

R.L Stine believe in jovial bob sense he became a writer it inspired R.L Stine to become a writer and write books like jovial did when he graduated.