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VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9, May 2021

Finish Strong / Summer Academy

We have less than a month left of school. I have been excited that we have been in school for almost the entire semester, there have been no cases of COVID-19 in our building and that spring sports are back. This is great progress towards getting back to something close to normal.

Since we have been back in the building and face-to-face for most of the second semester all grading will be normal. This means students will receive F's if they don't pass their classes and and all sports eligibility will be normal.

This means students must get the following to be eligible for sports in the fall:

  • Students must pass 5 classes
  • Students must have a C (70%) or better in all classes

While we want to have expectations for students, we will still be understanding. We will have summer school face-to-face again this year and we will provide our quick credit recovery classes for students who failed a class with a 60% or better. Students can quickly earn a couple of credits and get back on track to graduate and become eligible for sports.

We are also going to offer summer classes for normal credit for students who want to get ahead. Sarah Boss will offer a leadership class for a Language Arts Credit, Justin Zank will offer at sports conditioning class for PE credit and Kyle Schneider and Eric Simonsen will offer a Fine Arts class for elective credit. We are calling these classes our Summer Academy and hope these will meet our students' needs and provide an exciting activity for them during the month of June. If you think your child may be interested in these classes, please contact the counselor or the individual teachers. There is a more detailed article about these classes in the newsletter below.

Let us know what we can do to help support you or your children if they are staying at home or if they are in school. I am willing to do what it takes to provide the best education possible even with Covid-19. If you have suggestions or critiques, please contact me at 907-235-4600 or email me at dwaclawski@kpbsd.org.


Douglas Waclawski


Get Your Graduation Tickets!

If you are the parent/guardian of a senior and have not already requested graduation tickets, please do so ASAP. Look for an Apr. 20 email from Paul Story with instructions. Check your junk mail if you don’t see it.

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Mariners On the Move

Each Homer High faculty member selects one outstanding student per year based on scholarship and character. Honorees, their families and the nominating teachers attended an April 19th celebration. Fourth quarter winners were (as pictured behind the masks left to right):

  • Owen Storm – nominated by Walter Love
  • Blaise Banks – nominated by Chris Perk
  • Courtney Rider – nominated by Kyle Schneider
  • Lliam Boss – nominated by Sean Campbell
  • Ella Davis – nominated by Linda Rourke
  • Spencer Hinnegan – nominated by Winter Marshall-Allen
  • Kaylin Anderson (not pictured) – nominated by Mike Steen
  • Alaiyah Brost (not pictured) – nominated by Connie Akers

Summer Academy classes

We are excited to offer 3 classes for credit during the month of June. We are calling these classes the our Summer Academy and they are free! A description of each class is provided below.

Leadership Academy - Sarah Boss

This class is designed for any student to learn more about their own leadership styles and develop leadership skills in a safe environment. Students will do this through fun activities, guest speakers, games, critical thinking, exploration, and a class project.

Dates & Times: June 1 -18 / Daily 8:00-12:00

Target Populations: 8th - 12th grade

Sign Up Here

HHS Speed & Strength Training Course - Justin Zank

Course will be open to any student at HHS interested in increasing their overall strength, flexibility and speed. Activities will include core lifting exercises (bench press and variations; power clean and variations; deadlift; push press; snatch), auxiliary lifting exercises (curls, dips, etc.) and speed training (metabolic, plyometric, etc.) as well as conditioning through game play. Geared for all sports and crafted to help both male and female athletes.

Target Population: 9th - 12th grade students

Dates & Times: May 25-June 30 - Monday-Friday 8-10:30 AM

Music/SEL Enrichment Program - Kyle Schneider & Eric Simondsen

In response to a year of artistic turmoil that included varying levels of interaction between students, their peers, and teachers (including some students who lost access to school-sponsored performing arts due to COVID mitigation scheduling decisions), our department – in conjunction with community collaborators, such as Pier One Theatre – proposes a workshop-based program focused on the development of theatre skills, musical knowledge acquisition, vocal music production, dance/movement, and social/emotional learning goals.

Target Population: Grades 7-12

Dates & Times: TBD; ½ days over 3 weeks (admin suggestion); Could be flexible as to start/end times to accommodate student summer employment

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LFI- Interim Scholarship

The following students applied for and received funding from the anonymous LFI donors to pursue programs of personal interest this summer. Have fun!

  • Alex Franklin – Kachemak Bay Writers Conference
  • Mylan Johnson – Basketball Camp
  • Joel Manwiller – Clarinet Camp
  • Kavindra Johnson – Veterinary Camp

AP Test Dates

The year is quickly coming to an end and Advanced Placement tests will be here soon. Make sure you plan ahead for your AP tests. Here is the AP testing schedule for HHS.

5/3 - AP US Gov & Politics

5/4 - AP Calculus

5/7 - AP Chemistry

5/10 - AP World History

5/12 - AP English Lit

5/17 - AP Comparative Gov & Politics

5/17 - AP Computer Science

2021 Commencement will be on the Turf on 5-18-21 at 7:00 pm

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Class of 2021 Graduation

Graduation is going to happen this year at the turf field and it will be as close to normal as possible. This will allow each graduate up to 6 guests. All graduates are required to let the school know who is coming, all guests will need a ticket to get in and will need to be screened. Even though this is outdoors, we are bringing a lot of people together in one place so everyone will need to wear masks for this event. Guests will be allowed to sit together if they are a family or cohort, but will be spaced out from other groups.

We will also have the car parade through town for graduates after the ceremony. Students will go straight to their cars from the graduation ceremony. People who can't attend the graduation ceremony can honor the graduates as the drive down Pioneer Avenue. Seniors should decorate their cars and park in the bottom tier of the high school parking lot for easy access out.


Place: HHS Turf Field

Time: 7:00 pm

Date: 5-18-21

Parade: about 8:20 pm

Who Can Attend: Each graduate can have up to 6 guests

Watch from Home: You can watch the commencement on our YouTube Channel


1-to-1 Chromebook Program

We are developing a 1-to-1 Chromebook-to-students program starting next year. Each student will be assigned their own Chromebook. While this is exciting news, we need some feedback from parents and families.

  1. Do you want your child to be able to take their Chromebook home?
  2. If you want your child to take them home, are you willing to reimburse the school if they are lost or broken?
  3. Do you think all grade levels should take them home?
  4. Do you want sleeves or bags if you take them home?
  5. Is there anything else we should be thinking about with this program?

Please take the survey below and let us know what you think.


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Ty Etzwiler Selected as an Ag Ambassador

Congratulations to Ty Etzwiler as he has been selected as an Ag Ambassador to represent the Aquaculture Department at the College of Southern Idaho.

CSI Ag. Ambassador Program

Serving as a CSI Ag. Ambassador is a tremendous individual accomplishment, providing significant student recognition and myriad of opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their abilities in teamwork, planning, organization, project management, and leadership. CSI makes a large financial commitment in support of the Ag. Ambassador team through individual scholarship awards.

The CSI Ag. Ambassador program was established in the fall of 2020 to meet the following goals:

  1. Provide an opportunity to recognize students in the department who exhibit tremendous personal, academic, and leadership potential, and provide an arena to strengthen and showcase this talent
  2. Develop and refine a group of students to serve as the “face” of the CSI Ag. Department and represent the department positively to prospective students and their parents, donors and supporters, legislators, industry partners, community organizations, etc.
  3. Provide a highly-trained and knowledgeable group of students to aid in the promotion of the CSI Agriculture Department, and the agriculture Industry by participating in promotional activities including career fairs, county fairs, prospective student tours, creating activities and presentations for visiting high school classes, and interfacing with high school classes directly at high schools, or through “virtual” activities
  4. Aid in developing, creating, and disseminating promotional materials for use in the CSI Agriculture Department including posters and displays, brochures, social media posts, promotional videos, “virtual tours,” etc.

Larry Dunn Earns 2021 National Merit Scholarship Competition

From the approximately 1.6 million students who entered the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the PSAT/NMSQT, Larry Dunn is one of only 7,500, which puts him in the top 99.5%, being awarded a $2,500 Scholarship. Congratulations, Larry!

Yearbook Distribution Will be on May 10th During FOL

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Parker Lowney Earns Hagan Scholarship

Parker Lowney was named a winner of the prestigious, national Hagan Scholarship, a merit award designed to help high-achieving, “goal-driven” rural students graduate college debt-free. Recipients must graduate from one of over 6,000 eligible public high schools, of which HHS is one. This lucrative scholarship is worth up to $48,000 over four years of college. Awesome job, Parker!

Stream HHS Sports

We know fans want to watch HHS sports. Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't root for your team. We are streaming all home sporting events and will provide links for all away events.

Wrestling, track, soccer, baseball and softball are all in full swing! Come cheer for your favorite Mariner team!

Click the link below to view the livestream of HHS sports. After the recording you can see all past streamed sporting events.

Homer Mariner Sports


5/1 - Girls Varsity Soccer vs Cook Inlet Academy 12:00pm

5/3 - AP US Government and Politics Test 8:00am

5/3 - Big Booster meeting 6:00pm in the commons

5/4 - AP Calculus Test 8:00am

5/4 - Site Council Meeting 4:00 zoom

5/4 - Softball JV & Varsity vs Kenai at Jack Gist Park 4:00/6:00

5/6 - Baseball Home Opener vs Houston, Varity 6:00

5/7 - State Solo & Ensemble TBA

5/7 - AP Chemistry Test 8:00am

5/7 - 8th grade Step up day 2:30pm

5/7 - Baseball vs Palmer JV 4:00pm, Varsity 7:00pm

5/8 - SAT 8:00am

5/8 - State Solo & Ensemble TBA

5/8 - Baseball vs Palmer JV 10:00am, Varsity 1:00pm

5/8 - Girls Soccer vs SoHi JV 12:00pm, Varsity 2:00pm

5/8 - Boys Soccer vs SoHi Varsity 1:00pm

5/10 - AP World History Test 8:00am

5/10 – Mariner Athletic Awards & Yearbook Distribution 2:30pm

5/10 - Senior Scholarship Night 6:30pm

5/12 - AP English Literature Test 8:00am

5/12 - Full Band and Choir Concert 7:00pm

5/13 - Girls Soccer vs Houston JV 4:00pm, Varsity 6:00pm

5/13 - Softball vs Palmer at Jack Gist Park JV 4:00pm, Varsity 7:00pm

5/14 – Seniors last day of school

5/14 - Girls Soccer vs Redington Varsity 4:00pm

5/14 - Boys Soccer vs Redington Varsity 6:00pm

5/15 - Wrestling Kachemak Conference Tournament @ Nikiski

5/17-18-19 Finals week

5/17 - AP Computer Science Test 8:00am

5/17 - AP Comparative Government & Politics Test 8:00am

5/18 – Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal 10:00am

5/18 – Graduation @ 7:00pm @ the turf

5/19 – Last day of school

5/20 - Baseball vs SoHi JV 3:00pm, Varsity 6:00pm

5/20 - Peninsula Soccer Region Tournament @ Kenai

5/21 - Baseball vs Redington Varsity 6:00pm

5/21 - Softball Bash on the Bay Tournament at Jack Gist Park TBA

5/21 - Region III Track and Field Championships @ Wasilla

5/21 - Peninsula Soccer Region Tournament @ Kenai

5/21- Baseball vs Kenai JV 10:00am, Varity 1:00pm

5/22 - Softball Bash on the Bay Tournament @ Jack Gist Park TBA

5/22 - Peninsula Soccer Region Tournament @ Kenai

5/22 - Region III Track and Field Championships @ Wasilla

5/26 - Grade Check

5/27 - Baseball Southcentral Conference Region Tournament @ SoHi TBA

5/28 - Baseball Southcentral Conference Region Tournament @ SoHi TBA

5/28 - Softball Region III Northern Lights Region Tournament @ Houston TBA

5/29 - Softball Region III Northern Lights Region Tournament @ Houston TBA

5/29 - Baseball Southcentral Conference Region Tournament @ SoHi TBA

6/1 - Summer School begins

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Congratulations to HHS Student Council Leaders

Congratulations to the following HHS students who will be serving in leadership positions on various committees within the district:

· Mariah McGuire (Homer) – World Languages Curriculum Committee

· Neviya Reed (Homer) – Student Representative to the School Board

What to do if my student has COVID symptoms but I think it is their spring allergies or something other than COVID?

Lots of student have allergies this time of year as it warms up and more allergens are in the air. Some students have chronic medical conditions that have some of the same symptoms as COVID. KPBSD has a Symptom Exemption Form that your MD/NP/PA can fill out. The first time it happens they will need a COVID test and for their provider to fill out this form. In the future if they only have those symptoms and the symptoms are not worsening, they do not need a COVID test.

Link to the KPBSD Symptom Exemption Form


Nurse Sharon

Is your student going home ill with a COVID symptom and they need a test?

HHS nurses just received an Abbot ID Now rapid, molecular testing device. If your student is in school and you would like your student tested before they go home ill, this can save you a trip to SPH testing site when you come to pick them up. Let the HHS nurse know you would like us to test them and then come in and sign the consent (see link below). They will still need to go home but can return as soon as they are symptom free for 24 hrs. No further testing will be needed.

Nurse Sharon

Counselor's Corner

Support our seniors!

This year’s HHS graduation will be limited-entry outside on the turf. However, like last year, anyone and everyone is invited to celebrate and cheer on the grads by lining the parade route immediately after the ceremony. The route starts as the vehicles leave campus down Heath Street before turning right on Pioneer and ending at the intersection of the Sterling Highway. Graduation, which will be livestreamed on the Homer Mariners YouTube channel, begins at 7pm Tuesday, May 18. The vehicle parade is scheduled to begin shortly after the conclusion of the ceremony, approximately 8:20pm.

Summer job opportunity

Andre Lovett (HHS Class of 2012) is looking for students age 16 and up to be summer retail associates at Central Charters on the spit. Associates sell wares from the shop as well as various charter trips to visitors. In order to be an informed salesperson, associates get to go on each of the trips for free! For more information or to apply, call 235-7847.

Summer classes

There are several different learning opportunities and paths to earn school credit this summer.

HHS enrichment classes:

  • Leadership Academy – taught by Mrs. Boss for elective credit or LA credit recovery. See this flyer for more info and/or to register.
  • Strength and Conditioning – taught by FB/WR coach Justin Zank and others. Email jzank@kpbsd.k12.ak.us for more info and/or to register.
  • Musical Theater Movement – taught by Mr. Schneider, pending approval. Email him for more info and/or to register.
  • Athletic Training – taught by Mr. Perk and by local physical therapist Bryan Harter. This class is pending approval and could be a summer and/or fall offering. Email Mr. Perk if interested.
  • Credit Recovery classes:
  • Students who did not pass a core academic class may make the credit up via GradPoint.

June 1-18, 2021 at HHS 8am-12pm: If students have a job, transportation, or other conflict, they don’t necessarily need to be physically present everyday as long as they are progressing through the course, which requires internet connectivity.

KPBSD Distance Education classes:

The KPBSD Distance Learning Program will be offering classes during a special summer session. These classes are full length, first-time credit classes. This is not to be confused with credit recovery summer school. There is a limited number of seats available for these classes and students will be placed on a first come, first served basis. The following classes will be offered:

  • Alaska History
  • Government
  • Health
  • Computer Applications 1, 2, and 3
  • Keyboard (Typing)

Students need to be logged into their district email account to request a class.

Classes will officially start on May 26th and end on August 5th, 2021.

Click here for more information and/or to register for a class

KPC Summer Tuition Waiver

In addition to discounted courses for current 10th and 11th graders, graduates (and students 18 or older) may qualify for tuition waivers at KBC this summer. Email kbcinfo@alaska.edu for more info and/or an application. And see here for a course list.


SAT – primarily for current juniors planning to apply to 4-year universities. Fee waivers available from Mr. Story for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch

May 8 SAT

  • Regular registration deadline – Apr. 8th
  • Registration link

Free ACT/SAT practice and dual credit scholarships for Alaskan high school students here

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