From the earth

About coal

Coal is a nonrenewable resource it is mined from are earth we mine it to get it. Coal takes millions of years to make. Coal gives a lot if jobs to people in are nation Texas runs on coal clean cola dose not release carbon Dioxide. When we use coal it is very cheap it dose not coast as much as the outher resource.

Advantages and disadvantages

Coal is very cheap and provides jobs for a Lot of people in are nation it provides a stable resource for us we do not. Import coal from outher country's it is one of the most-important resource we have. Coal pollutes a lot it is one of the post pollsters in the world and it uses a lot of water to clean it and mine it to when we mine it we destroy a lot of land we take a littoral land we also ruin animal habitués because we take down trees and. We pollute the water.

How to make it better

If we use coal in a better way then we can have more coal we could turn the coal into biomass and then we would be using a renewable resource and have more coal for a long long long time and we can save it by making it into biomass and animal dung which we. Can run off of and we can safe coal