The Whipping Boy

Movie vs Book by: Danny Garcia


The author Sid fleischman.He created many books' like The Ghost in the Noonday Sun, Jim ugly also the whipping boy.

The difference betwen the move settings and the book

  • In the book jemmy and the princes get lost in the foggy woods and in the move it was not foggy.

How are the main character diffrent

  • The princes became friends with jemmy faster in the move than the book.

Main character that is in the book but not in the move

  • In the move their is sister and in the book there not.
  • In the book when their in the tunnel there is a rat catcher with a cando and in the move there is not.
  • In the book there is a milk lady and in the move there is not.

Do you think the people who made the move did a good job not coping the book

I think they did a good job not coping the book because they put jemmy sister in the move and it made it more interesting because she goes to jail and jemmy tries tow take her out of jail.

What did you enjoy more the book or the move

I like the move better because jemmy has to break out his sister and has to take the prince back to the castle and they have to go through a lot of challenge like not getting killed by the prince.