BobcaThon LT Meeting Minutes

Freshen up on all things BobcaThon from our Tuesday meeting!

Bobcat of the Week

The Bobcat of the Week is Emily Schmitt! Thanks for all your hard work on the Bdubs fundraiser - it was amazing! :)

Presidential Team

Meg's Updates:

  1. Have committee members come and introduce themselves to the directors! Let's plan a BobcaHang. BobcaBowling.
  2. Carly is coming for the LT Meeting on the 27th!

DJ Mikey Fresh's Updates

  1. Monday's have 25cent lanes at the Roller Bowl!
  2. Dancer Recruitment Week merged email form - have them write down people that they know and Mikey will send out a fundraising email for them!
  3. We raised over $200 from the tailgate this weekend! Thanks everyone!

Internal Affairs Team

Jack's Updates:
  1. You're all great :)

Melissa's Updates:

  1. Starting to interview Morale Captains! Yay! Sign up has times for interviews with various morale captains.

Abby's Updates:

  1. Encourage folks to write #FTK on their hands and post on social media to spread our mission of BocbaThon! There are sharpies in the bags for tabling.
  2. Encourage folks to post or follow us on instagram or twitter.
  3. Use the frame at the table and encourage people to post - we can pick a winner and give them a BobcaThon tshirt!

Katie's Updates:

  1. Yesterday we got 22 dancers to sign up! AMAZING!
  2. Ordered BobcaThon buttons and are planning on ordering tumblers for dancers to show some swag and give some incentives!

External Affairs Team

Taylor's Updates:
  1. Here is the External Affairs Team Presentation
  2. Reached out to BuckeyeThon and ZiggyThon to start to collaborate
  3. We'll be cooking lunch at RMHC during our retreat!
  4. We also have a lodge booked for Retreat!!

Gabby's Updates:

  1. 100 days until BobcaThon video - more about us and our stories!!
  2. Let Gabby know if you have ideas about the 100 days video!
  3. Keep putting videos and pictures onto the drive! Please do the 60s and the 50s if you have not!

Anna's Updates:

  1. Sales Centre has finally selected their folks! They have nine and each of them will have a territory in Athens.
  2. Monetary sponsorship goal: $5,000
  3. If you're involved in an organization, please be sure to reach out to them and get them to join a team!

Zaya's Updates:

  1. Solidified Baking Days at RMHC! - January timeline for next semester. It is mandatory to attend at least one!
  2. Carly would like us to come to do Christmas cookies, and other wintery activities. It's over Winter Break so she wants to gain interest!
  3. The link to the sign up folder is under "Special Notes" - please have the RMHC Sign Ups completed by next week!

Rosie's Updates:

  1. Rosie is looking into T-shirt designs! These will be for exec!
  2. Also looking into shirts for dancers soon - yay!

Planning Team

Kendra's Updates:

Jon's Updates:

  1. Keep signing up for Dancer Recruitment Week!
  2. Mini-dance marathon is coming up! We're visiting this weekend to see how it goes.
  3. Hosting an informational meeting for dancers that have signed up?

Schmitty's Updates:

  1. Thank you so much for the Bdubs support! It was amazing! Will know in two weeks how much money we raised.

  2. Next step is the Dad's Weekend Pancake Brunch!

  3. RMHC collects pop tabs - we should collect pop tabs for them! Look forward to emails from Schmitt for more information!

Tessa and Emily's Updates:

  1. Please try to have the 50s in by the end of the week!
  2. We're starting into 60s soon!
  3. Suggestions for entertainment? Clubhouse Music, Blacksheep Improv, Zumba, Cheerleaders, NPHC Chapters,

Special Notes

  1. Toss back Tuesday to the 93 Days Until Event from last year.
  2. Link to the Sign Up Folder

That's it for this week!

Stay tuned for the next minutes update after the next LT Meeting!