Welcome to Georgia!!

By: Haley Chapman

We Run This Town!

In the years we've been here which isn't meany, we've come to be one of the biggest. We have the best soil for tobacco growing. Most of us don't know that much about growing tobacco, we are all mostly from the English colonies. We settled here because of the soil and that it would bring great money and power. We also had many other trades. We made corn, cotton, veggies, gain, fruit, and livestock.

What We Believe In

In Georgia we had a religious freedom. Anyone and Everyone believed in something different. Just as a long as they believed in something. Most people believed in Christ and in the Holy Bible. Also Georgia was first governed as a Royal Colony.

Who Help Us?

There are many who helped make Georgia the way it is now. Like William Stephens, he was named President of the entire colony of Georgia in the early days. But to this day we still owe James Oglethorpe because he is the one who found us all and place to be.