the grand canyon

BY Evan Case

how it was made

The Grand Canyon is only 5.5 million years old and keeps growing in length its one of the greatest monuments its not the deepest or widest so people always ask why is it so special.Its so special because it was originally a flat land form but know it i s all carved out with different layers of rock its story of how it was carved is crazy you wont believe it.The Grand Canyon was made from all these rivers making one big lake that got bigger and bigger till it flooded with so much power it was cutting the the ground into a canyon that was the start and then it kept growing because of the layers of rock are weaker when it rains then they start to crumble making it crumble into the river and washing away and it makes it bigger and bigger every year.

things you might not know about The Grand Canyon

did you know about the secret location named the Arizona strip and its not open to tourists.Now the reason why people are not allowed in is because there might be active volcanoes and also have been volcano eruption and even though they wont let you there it is one of the most beautiful sites there

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