By: Katie Cavender and Macyn Mcelveen

Where did Buddism begin?

Buddhism began in Northern India in about 520 BC. Before there weren't many people who were Buddhists in China, until the disunion period. The people looked for comfort in Buddhism.

Who Started It?

Siddhartha Gautama started buddhism. He was known as the "enlightened" one. He was a prince who grew up with wealth and luxury. He was not satisfied with Hinduism so he started asking his own questions about life and religious matters.

What Are Some Of The Basic Beliefs

Some of the the basic beliefs include the following,also known as the Four Noble Truths.

1. Suffering and happiness are part of human life. No one can escape sorrow.

2. Suffering comes from our desires for pleasure.

3. People can overcome desire and ignorance and reach nirvana.

4. People can overcome desire and ignorance by following an Eightfold Path

Where Did It Spread?

Buddhism spread over most of Asia. After The Budda's death, it spread throughout India and many more places across Asia. Buddhism continued to attract followers after his death.