By. Mila, Steven, Vani, Jessica, Lukas

Our Question to the King

Will you fund our expidition to look for land in your name?

Why is it important By. Mila

You should fund our expidition to South America because, the land will be named after you, all the riches would go to you, our dear king! It could make our empire stronger, richer, and more powerful! More people could join your empire and if may say our empire. It make us even, feard from other enemies if you support our journey. With fear of other enemies means more land adding on to the one we would find in our journey. It could mean taking down the enemy empires and finally rise as we have been hopping for years.


For many centuries England (us) and France have had a long history of competition and wars. The fighting spread through the colonies because the colonies are really important to both France's and England's economy. But during the 17th and early 18th centuries we had 2 major wars that caused fighting in our colonies in the Newfoundland. One of the major wars was the Queen Anne's war, which was obviously between France and us (England), but what caused this was this mysterious Newfoundland, on whether whoever won would be able to rule the Newfoundland. But in the end, England won. And we were named the rulers of the Newfoundland.

Our exploration


We will be doing a very similar route as him for the fact that it was efficient and fast.

His original route was starting from france and ending up on the tip of south america, and later returning to france. The rout that we planed is starting in England and goint to the tip of douth America and returning with riches and goods.

Our Rout By. Lukas

Who the pre-explorers before us encountered

We are traveling to the Amereicas but we're not the only ones of been there. One of the explorers who explored the Americas from England was Henry Hudson he has traveled to the Northern part of the Americas and discovered a body of water that we now call the Hudson Bay. There was peace and trust with the natives he encountered.Another pre explorer is a dear friend of England and he also traveled to the Americas in search for land for the English men he wounded up in the northern part of America, Canada mistaken for Asia. This young fellows had no contact with the natives but left horrible gestures for them. me and team have decided to make alliances with natives and share are land equally amongst them.

(VANI) Our Previous Land and Now...

Our previous land that was found by our former explorers, John Cabot and Henry Hudson, is all located north of the Americas. The land we found is located mostly around Newfoundland (present day Canada). First, we had Sir Cabot be funded by his voyage by King Henry the third and later came Sir Hudson that was funded for his trip by King Henry the Fourth. Sir Cabot discovered Newfoundland itself and Sir Henry came and found New York Harbor and the Hudson Bay. The land they found is typically very cold in climate. This land also experiences really cold winters and mild summer and spring.
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