MARCH Newsletter 2017

Kevin K. Coleman

Principal's Page

Dear Parents and Families,

It's already March! It's that time of year where students will be assessed on their reading using Fountas and Pinnell. They have been working very hard during literacy workshop each day so they can make gains. Remember, it is so helpful and important to read to your child each and every day for 10 minutes. They also love spending one on one time with their parents.

I want to thank all those who have completed SurveyWorks. If you haven't, it would be greatly appreciated as the feedback provides us with valuable information to increase student success!

We encourage families to attend our SIT meetings every first Friday of the month at 8:10 am and to attend our RTI meetings when invited. We can't do this alone and need all the help we can.

The Fifth Grade classrooms are hosting a Wax Museum show. Please check out our calendar to see when it is. It's going to be a blast!

Lastly, come join us at Harris on Wednesday, March 22nd for enrichment and dinner! It's always a great time!

Have a wonderful spring,

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Celeste Conti,



Students have been working hard learning all kinds of facts about the Freedom Trail and history of Boston. They have become quite the experts! We are very proud of all of them for working so hard. The Fourth and Fifth grade students have been working on PARCC Testing and they have been doing a wonderful job! We also just finished with F&P Assessments. Everyone made great gains!


For the month of March, Students will be learning about the force of motion in Science. We are working on learning about pushes and pulls. In Reading, our classes goal is to focus on learning to read stories with fluency and accuracy. We will be working on discovering new sound combinations such as ch, sh and th. In addition the class will be working on rhyming words and word families. Please practice rhyming with your child at home to reinforce these concepts.

First Grade

What an exciting year in first grade! I can't believe it's already March! The children will continue to work on solving word problems using numbers up to 20. They will also learn how to do tape diagrams to solve problems.This month we will be focusing on non-fiction texts in reading workshop. The children will learn how to write Expository-All About pieces in writing workshop. The class will be learning about Animal traits inheritance and variations in science this month. We will continue to read Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines. The year is flying by in first grade!

In February we focused on measurement in math. The children learned how to measure items using centimeter cubes and paper clips. They also learned how to read graphs and answer questions about graphs. We read and discussed many books this month. The children wrote a response to literature to some of the books telling about their favorite parts. We are moving right along in phonics as children become more proficient in tapping out words. The class continues to practice reading strategies during silent reading. This has been a short but busy month in first grade!

Second Grade

March--Second grade will be starting the math module on arrays which are the base for starting multiplication. Later this month, we will start writing animal research reports.

Third Grade

The month of March came in like a lamb but that doesn't mean that the third grade isn't attacking our work like lions. Besides preparing for the upcoming PARCC tests, which will begin the first week of April, the third graders have been showing their reading skills on their F&P Assessments. In math, we have been learning about fractions, their relationship to each other and equivalencies. In science, we have been working with magnets to learn about electric and magnetic forces. Report cards will go home on March 20th and parent-teacher conferences will be on Tuesday, March 21st from 3:30-6:30. Looking forward to seeing you then.

Fourth Grade

In March, 4th grade continues to work on fractions in math. We have moved away from comparing fractions and are now working on adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators. In science, we will be studying natural earth process. This includes disasters like earthquakes, blizzards and tsunamis. In reading, we are ready for our F&P testing!

Fifth Grade

Our students completed their President Reports and Famous People Reports! The presentations were a big success. You can check out the pictures on twitter and at Miss Wheaton's school website We also are continuing to integrate technology in all our subject areas and students are loving it! We are getting ready for the computer based PARCC Testing starting on May 1st-12th.

Secretary and PE Teacher

News from BOKS

Happy April All!! BOKS has just started our spring session and the staff and students are excited to get moving! Never heard of BOKS? Well let us tell you a little about our program here at Coleman. BOKS (Build our kids success) is a nationally run before school movement program, open to all students, who want to start their days by doing basic fitness moves/games. Each class starts off with open play, where students can make up their own movement games (hula hut, fast feet, partner volley) or play a modified game with friends (basketball, soccer, hula hooping, jump roping). After open play, we always circle stretch to get out bodies ready to move, and learn our fitness skill of the day (push ups, jumping, planks, running). We have a short time to practice these skills with activities such as hula scan, touch em all, or line jumps. We always end class with a game, because fitness and movement should not be a chore, it should always be FUN! Our kids lately have been doing full school obstacle course races, starting in the basement, running up the stairs, going through the agility ladder, crab walking down the first floor hallway, coming downstairs to zig zag through cones on scooters, building cup towers in plank position, shooting a basket at the hoop, and finishing up with some pull ups before running upstairs again. All of our BOKS kids are such hard workers, love getting some energy out in the morning and enjoy the program so much.


Miss Shiel and Miss. Michelle