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Economic impact of climbers on Mt. Everest

Tourism has brought major change on Everest. In fact The Everest Base Camp has become the world class trekking route, with tourists demanding faster, more comfortable services from mountain lodges. From everyone getting the needs of the tourists it has lead to further deforestation due to lodges' construction, heating, and erosion of mountain paths. Each of these are resulting in harder and longer climbs for the climbers.

Changing patterns of land use and resource management and increasing pressure on high latitude resources and environment.

What is the climate like on Everest?

The climate on Everest is very,very cold. Near the base of the mountain it is warmest. Now you're wondering how cold can it get? Well in January (the coldest month) it can drop as low as -76 degrees F.

The six weather periods of Everest is:

Summer: very, wet

Autumn window: dry, warm

Autumn: very windy, cold, very dry, dark

Winter: very windy, very cold, dry, dark

Spring: windy, cold, dry

Spring window: dry, warm

Preparation for climbing Everest

If you wish to climb Mt. Everest then you must be ready physically and mentally. You must have all the proper gear, otherwise you could die. Keep reading to know more.

You need to be very fit if you wish to attempt Everest. You need to do an intense training work out to get in-shape . Even if you are very fit i still strongly suggest that you do a training program. Now moving past that, what I mean by you need to be fit mentally is that you need to be prepared for what you will more than likely see on the mountain. I'm not going to lie, you will see corpses up on the mountain after a point, because they can not be retrieved. If you are not ready to see that then you should not, and I repeat, you should not climb Everest.

You need to have the right gear for climbing Everest too. You can go buy new gear, however it will be more expensive. If you would like to spend a little less money then you can buy gear that is slightly used. I will name a few of the items that is necessary to attempt this climb: gloves, heavy duty jacket, tent, etc.

Holly Angelo’s Article

Youngest boy to ever summit Everest and make a statement

Sun-jo a fourteen year old boy bravely summits to the top of the world.

It all started as his grandfather got him a job as a cook boy on the mountain, while they helped another young boy try to summit. Sun-jo was unaware that he was getting a chance to summit until his grandfather, Zopa, told him at ABC (Advanced Base Camp). At first he was thrilled that he was getting a shot at the summit, but the farther he climbed the more nervous he became. The other young boy that was originally going to summit, Peak, helped him reach the summit, but did not make it himself, because he turned around right at the summit realizing that he had no reason or purpose to be up there.

While we were interviewing him he states,"I could not have done it without him and happy birthday. I'm sure we will see each other again." Sun-jo is not only the youngest to summit Everest, but also stands to prove to all Tibetan people that you can fight and can do whatever you put your mind to. He is all of the things you would wish for. He is Tibet's hero.

Biography of Peak and Zopa

Peak is an inspiration to us all. He started as a run-from-the-law-graffiti-all fourteen year old, about to go to prison when his dad (Josh) helped stand in court. Later is dad took him to summit Everest on team Peak Experience. Peak went through a hard long process and ten feet away from the summit he realized that he had no reason to be up there and he didn't want to be up on the top of the world so he turned around and went back home to his family to celebrate.

Zopa is sneaky and smart. He is the reason Tibetan's everywhere have a symbol, a voice. He was the one that allowed his grandson to become the symbol. He was the one that devised the whole plan for Sun-jo to get to the top of the great mountain that we call Everest. He also didn't tell everyone one the plan until ABC. To this very moment he still leaves everyone wondering,"How did he do it?"