Conner's Corner

February 6 - 10

What We Are Learning

Phonics: We will be reading and writing words with vowel teams.

Reading: We will learn to identify and use nonfiction text features, such as captions, headings, bold words, and sidebars.

Math: We will use number lines to add and subtract within 100.

Writing: We will research Arctic animals and use our research to write a paragraph.

Content: We will study force and motion. We will make pendulums.

100th Day Fun!

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Classroom Goals

We met our last goal and celebrated with a movie and popcorn! We will be setting a new goal this week.

Social-Emotional Learning

In class, we are working on perseverance. We define this as the ability to "keep going, even when things are hard." The academic rigor increases in the second semester of 2nd grade to help students prepare for 3rd grade, making perseverance even more important!

One thing that can help students develop "grit" is positive self-talk. You can help at home by reframing negative phrases you hear your child say with more positive ones. For example, if your child says, "I just can't do this, it's too hard!" you can prompt, "You just can't do it YET!". These small shifts help develop mindfulness, which fosters perseverance.

Valentine's Day

We will do a classroom Valentine's Day exchange on February 14th. Students are welcome to bring a Valentine's day box from home. However, this is completely optional! We will also make bags in class so that everyone will have something to use during our party.
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From the Lyon Office

Volunteer paperwork (Online & Paper Form)

The whole process is taking 10-15 business days for everything to go through. If you plan to volunteer at any time during the school year, please go ahead and start the process as soon as possible. All the information can be found HERE.

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Upcoming Dates

January 30 - February 17: Kids Heart Challenge

February 14: Classroom Valentine Exchange

February 16: PTO Movie Night

February 17: SI Day - No school for students

February 20: President's Day - No School

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