Impossible Memories

By Ellie rogers and Cortney langley

why chose lost in the mall technique:

We chose this topic because of the fact that it really has occurred in the United States in the past 30 years. It has happened to Adults that are trying to remember their own childhood.

what lost in the mall means

Its easy for people to be manipulated into believing what is false and what is not. When people are asked to recall information of their childhood researchers take advantage of this opportunity to make a story up that is completely false and to tell that certain person, that the moments of their actual childhood never happened, but the story being told to them is what really happened to that person in their childhood.

how the brain is affected:

The Lost Mall Technique has been know to affect the Hippocampus , the part of the brain where the memories are stored.During experiments researchers can look at the subjects neural activity to see whether the lost in the mall technique will actually happen to the certain subject .


Elizabeth Loftus, In 1995 recruited 24 participants where she presented four stories from the time when the participants were between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. Three of the stories she told were true and the other story was false.For the true story the researchers would get stories from the participants relatives and each day they would tell three different true stories and one false one. Finally the researchers told the participants they were in a study and asked them which one of the stories were false if they knew it five out of those 24 participants told the researchers that the false story was actually true and part of their memories while they rest knew right away which story was false. This experiment shows how capable it is for someones to implant a false memory in ones mind.