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September 6, 2019

Dates to Know!










SEPT 26 - STEM NIGHT, 5:30-7PM


What's for lunch??


Monday: Popcorn Chicken, PBJ, Turkey & Cheese Roll-Up, Turkey Chef Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Garden Veggie Burger

Tuesday: Mini Chicken Sliders, Pizza, PBJ, Pizza Munchable, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Veggie Chik’n Nuggets

Wednesday: Nachos (Cheese, Chicken, Beef), PBJ, Yogurt/ Muffin Munchable, Taco Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Black Bean Burger

Thursday: Mozzarella Stuffed Breadsticks, PBJ, Pizza Munchable, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Garden Veggie Burger

Friday: Breakfast for Lunch (Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Mini Pancakes), PBJ, Yogurt/ Muffin Munchable, Chef Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Veggie Pinwheel


Monday: Mini Cheese Calzones, PBJ, Turkey & Cheese Roll-Up, Turkey Chef Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Garden Veggie Burger

Tuesday: Chicken Corndogs, 3-Cheese Cavatappi (Mac & Cheese), PBJ, Pizza Munchable, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Veggie Chik’n Nuggets

Wednesday: Nachos (Cheese, Beef, Chicken), PBJ, Yogurt/ Muffin Munchable, Taco Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Black Bean Burger

Thursday: All White Meat Chicken Sandwich, PBJ, Pizza Munchable, Ham & Cheese Roll-Up, Chef Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Garden Veggie Burger

Friday: Pizza, PBJ, Yogurt/ Muffin Munchable, Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Veggie Salad, Vegetarian Option: Veggie Pinwheel

Free & Reduced-Price Meal Benefit Reminders

Meal benefits are extended for the first 30 days of school for all students that received them at the end of last year. Families are still required to complete an application before the end of the 30 day grace period (September 12) to retain their benefits for the remainder of this school year. We encourage on-line applications because these can usually be approved within 48 hours whereas paper applications can take up to 10 days for approval. The Food and Nutrition webpage contains all the information and links needed to apply on-line. It also provides information on how to obtain a paper application. The application (on-line and paper) and related information is also available in Spanish. on-line application

Important Birthday Ice Cream Information

Just a reminder if you wish to purchase Ice Creams for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday, please be sure to allow at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance. If you are paying through My Payments Plus, it takes 24-48 hours in order for them to confirm payment and send the notification to us.


A few reminders to keep a safe and efficient car line in the mornings:

  • Car line drop off at the curb is from 7:10 to 7:38. At 7:38 you will need to park and sign your child in at the front office as they will not have time to get from the curb to their classroom by 7:40.
  • This year, we continue to use double lanes in the parking lot when you enter from Peachtree Pkwy. Cars then will merge to a single lane at the turn by Mullinax Nursery. At the merge, the lanes will alternate, one car at a time, so the wait times in each lane will be comparable. Please be courteous and follow these procedures.
  • While in the car line you must pull forward towards the cafeteria door as far as you can without leaving large gaps.
  • Students may not be dropped off before your vehicle reaches the sidewalk. It is unsafe and is not allowed for any reason. If you need to exit the vehicle to assist your child in any way, please park in the available parking spaces and walk your student all the way across the crosswalk.
  • It is critical that you are paying attention and alert in the car rider line. Cell phones should not be used during car line.This causes unsafe conditions and greatly impacts our efficiency when drivers are unaware that the line has moved on ahead of them. Thank you for helping us ensure a safe and efficient drop off in morning car line.

We appreciate your cooperation in following our procedures designed to ensure a safe and efficient car pool line during morning drop offs.

Are you visiting soon? See below

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We no longer have a drop off table

  • The new smaller and secured entrance has also reduced our space for a drop off table for forgotten items. There will be a small cart for forgotten lunches only to be dropped off by 10:00 am. If your child needs a hot lunch each day, we recommend purchasing a thermos to put in your child’s lunchbox each morning at home, or have your child purchase a hot and nutritious school lunch.
  • There will be no space on the drop off cart for items such as binders, coats, water bottles, etc. We will accept forgotten eyeglasses or medicine through our security window and notify teachers.

Don't Miss our First Spirit Night

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Family STEM Night is a FREE evening of entertaining and informative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math sessions hosted by Big Creek teachers and PTO volunteers. The BCES STEM sessions provide the entire family with hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering, and technology. We encourage all BCES students (and their parents, caregivers, and siblings) to attend!

Since this event encompasses dinner time we will be pre-ordering pizza. The only way to pre-order your pizza is online. Pizza will not be sold during the event, only pre-orders will be available. Please help us plan for this event by filling out the information here. You can pre-order your pizza here

2019 Fall Fundraiser

This fall our Big Creek PTO is raising money to continue funding our new STEM Lab at Big Creek, called Wonder Lab. We also hope to help fund an upgrade to our playground as well as purchase new materials for the ARC Reading program and Robotics. The school and the PTO work together to enrich Big Creek Elementary. PTO fundraisers provide teacher grants, school support, and events including Family STEM Night, Family Movie Night, Holiday Shop, Family Art Night, Family Bingo Night, Around the World, and more. Without your help, these opportunities will not be available.

Will you help us raise $30,000 this fall with our Write-a-Check fundraiser? With your cash or check donation 100% of the money we raise stays at the school. If you pay online through our PTO website, a tiny percentage of the amount you donate will be deducted as a PayPal fee. For the donation form, please click here. To check to see if your company matches your donation, click here for more information.

Information about the Fall Fundraiser: https://bigcreekpto.membershiptoolkit.com/fall-fundraiser

Fundraiser FAQs: https://bigcreekpto.membershiptoolkit.com/fundraising-faq

Have you bought a Brick for Big Creek??

Did you know Big Creek turns 80 years old this year? One of the ways we are celebrating is with our Bricks for Big Creek legacy brick program. What better way to leave a mark on our special school today and for years to come. These personalized bricks will be used to create and enhance new spaces around our campus. We've already had a wonderful response so don't miss out! To order your brick, click on the link below:

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Notes from Nurse G

Donations Needed

Thank you to everyone who has sent in donations of underwear. I really appreciate starting the year with such a nice supply.

The clinic is still low on extra shorts and pants for younger boys and also pants for older boys. If you have any gently used items you would like to donate, we will gladly take them off your hands.

Thank you for supporting the clinic as we start the year off right!!

~Nurse G

Nominate your favorite Big Creek teacher today!

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The Forsyth County News is launching a new Teacher of the Month contest. Nominations for September 2019 Teacher of the Month are open until Tuesday September 10.

Voting begins September 11 and runs through September 24.

For more information or to nominate a teacher:


Lost and Found

Please stop by the front office to claim any of the items below.

This Month on our Voyage Journey

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Around Our Community

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Please support our Partners in Education

At Big Creek Elementary, we are fortunate to have many wonderful businesses involved in our Partners in Education program. These community members generously give their time and resources to invest in our students’ well-being and successes. Please take a moment to learn more about our fantastic business partners and consider supporting the businesses that support Big Creek!

Brookwood Karate Atlanta Focuses on the Future

The Brookwood Karate Atlanta location has been open since 2006 and is accredited by the American Taekwondo Association which celebrates 50 years this year. All of their instructors teach Songahm Taekwondo and specialize in teaching self-defense to all ages as well as the study of life skills like self-esteem, honesty, respect, discipline, communication and belief.

They also have programs which focus on fitness training. The curriculum helps support and encourage students' academic performances at school. Students must bring in good grades on homework as well as tests and report cards. They also need great reports from their parents about their home behaviors to test for their next belt.

Brookwood Karate Atlanta offers discounts to their business sponsorship school students, parents and staff. "As a former P.E. coach, I have seen how schools need assistance with funds to buy equipment or supplies for students," said Chad Hill, manager and chief instructor. "We at Karate Atlanta believe teachers are over looked regarding the influence they have with children and we want to help them as much as possible"

Many Big Creek students can be found at Brookwood Karate Atlanta thanks to many referrals from its partnership. They hope to be a friend of our school for many more years to come and help raise funds each year to benefit Big Creek in many ways.