February is a pre-k CULTURE SHOCK!

Authors, Inventions and Music that Changed the World!

This month is full of culture and LOVE!

it's February and that means it's time for a month of CULTURE SHOCK at Fusion Early Learning Preschools! This month your little explorers will be experiencing authors, inventions and music that changed the world! Throughout the month you are invited to come into the schools and see for yourself all the "inventing" taking place in the Green Room! We have so much fun watching our students come up with their own inventions that make daily life easier! Who knows, we may have the next Thomas Edison right here in our preschools!

In addition to our exciting curriculum, we will also have a special visitor at our Yuba/Sutter schools on February 11th. Jen Barton, a local children's book author, will be coming to our schools for a reading of her book, "If Chocolate Were Purple." Please connect with your director for specific times of your school's visit. To learn more about the book click here: http://www.jbartonbooks.com/if-chocolate-were-purple

Be on the lookout for information about your school's Valentine's Day Party. Valentine's Day is such a wonderful time of year to show friends and family how much you love and appreciate them. If you are looking for some alternatives to candy Valentines, take a peek at our Pinterest page. Maybe there is something there that will pique your little ones interest!

Have a great month and, as always, should you have any questions or concerns please contact your Director! Thank you for your continued support! We LOVE our Fusion Families!

Learn about Thomas Edison!

Take a moment with your Fusion Kid and watch this 3 minute video about Thomas Edison. Much of the information will be familiar so the two of you can have a brief conversation afterwards about who Thomas Edison was and what he contributed to our society and culture!

The History of Thomas Edison - a Short Story

Parents of Soon-to-be-Kindergarteners Kinder Folders are coming your way!

If your Fusion Kid is graduating this year, be on the lookout for your child's Kinder Folder. (Your director should be sharing it with you this week!) In it you will find some helpful hints, checklists and even a full-length Pre-K assessment that you can do with your little one slowly at home over the next few months. We cannot believe we have yet another set of students almost ready to graduate. Class of 2014 is full of some pretty amazing kiddos and we cannot wait to hear about all their successes in elementary school and beyond!

Have you checked out the Fusion BLOG lately?

If not, please make your way over: http://www.fusionkids.com/blog/ There are many different articles there for you to enjoy. AND if you like one, please share it or PIN it! Social media is a great way for you to let people know you love Fusion! We are also looking for contributors. If you have something that you would like to contribute to the Fusion BLOG let us know by sending and e-mail to meghan@fusionkids.com.

Learn more about what is happening each week in school!

Visit our website for specific details on all of the learning goals Fusion Kids are reaching for this month as well as weekly sub-themes. They are both theme-based and skill-based so your little one will walk away from the month with not only a wealth of knowledge about the world around them, but some practical skills to be put to use!

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New South Yuba City location coming soon!

Our newest location at 613 Bogue Road is coming soon. We are shooting for an opening date in March or April 2014! It's going to be a great location for us... right across the street from Starbucks! Can't get much better than that! Stay tuned for updates on our progress by "liking" us on facebook! We cannot wait to finally be able to provide our services to South YC!

Learn more about Fusion!

Visit our website or FEL on facebook to learn more about our schools and curriculum. It's an approach to early learning that leaves students excited and engaged in the world around them using a method uniquely our own. Looking forward to connecting with you all soon! We currently have locations in Marysville, Yuba City and Roseville, CA. With one Fusion Early Learning School in Sarasota, FL.