Isaac Newton

The Scientist Isaac Newton


Newton was considered one of the best people in history. He was renowned for his scientific and mathematical concepts. This included his most famous, his 3 laws of motion. A lot of him were constantly contradicting each other.


Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day on 1642 in England, Lincolnshire. His parents were farming His dad died before he was born. Surprisingly, he spent time making contraptions and idled a lot, his grades in school were pretty bad. At the age of 14, he was pulled out of school to help Farming. He spent most of time reading when he was on the farm, he later returned to school do to his uncle.


In 1642, Newton went to Trinity, Cambridge college. He was going to get a degree in law, as he was very limited at the time, it wasn't until he was in his 3rd year when he was allowed more freedom. He then proceeded to study scientists and mathematicians. He graduated in 1645 without any honors.


In 1665, the college had been closed because of a plague that was spreading. Newton was not the best student, he was generally considered average. In an 18 month period, he had created his theory of the three laws of motion, the components of white light, as well as the renowned calculus. Also, another person by the name of Gottfried Leibniz also happened to create a simpler version of calculus. Thanks to these discoveries, we managed to open up a new branch of math. He also figure out why the Moon orbits the Earth. He figured this out.


He created a third discovery, he observed through a telescope one day and saw how light reflected. Through this, he found out that white light just wasn't one entity, it was a collaboration.

Later Years

He had to be convinced to publish his findings by Edmond Halley, a fellow scientist. He published Principia Mathematica, a book containing ideas and theories. He enjoyed this in other ways, he later became a member of British Parliament. He also became president of Royal Society council. He ended up dying on March 31, 1727, in London.


He was very interested in alchemy, or as we would prefer the term as chemistry. Most of his ideas were dis-proven by Albert Einstein. He also was very kind to people who helped him.

Quick Info

Full Name: Sir Isaac Newton

Years alive: 1643-1727

Field of Study: Mathematics, Science

Country: UK

Workplace: College Dorm

Famous: He is probably famous for his 3 laws of motion and his creation of calculus

Impact: He allowed us a better understanding of gravity, color, and calculus.

This allows us to theorize even more.

2 facts: he was always contradicting himself.

He was believed to first make calculus, he had a heated debate with another scientist, and the other scientists calculus was better.

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