Traveling Trough History

Jane Austen/World War 1

Writing in The 18'00s

Writing was something woman did in the 1800's. Many weren't very good at it but few like Jane Austen were. It took a while for a publisher to notice you. It took even longer to become a well known publisher. Writing was something woman mainly did rather than men unlike today.

Jane Austen's Life

Ball states that Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775. She was the daughter of Cassandra Austen and Reverend Austen. She has six brothers James, George, Edward, Henry, Frank, and Charles. she also had a older sister named Cassandra who was named after her mother. Jane was very attached to Cassandra. She was the youngest so she had a lot to look up to. Eventually Cassandra had to go to school and Jane was so attached she went to school too, only at the age seven! Jane was a smart girl so it didn't cause much trouble for her. She never really made any friends beside her sister (page 9-10).

Ball also stated The person to teach them first was Mrs.Cawley there uncle's sister in Oxford. The school eventually moved to another town nearby and so did the girls. However they didn't stay long because they both got very very sick with typhus fever. Janis condition kept getting worse and she almost died. It was a terrifying experience for the family, but luckily she recovered after a few months. In 1785, Jane and Cassandra went to the Abbey House School in Reading. The headmistress, Mrs. Tournelle, was very kind. But after a year of going there the Austen's couldn't afford the girls tuition anymore, and had to bring the home to Steventon. From then on Jane was homeschooled by her parents and oldest brother, James.Jane was lucky was lucky to be learning at home because at the time, girls' educations were not considered important. Woman weren't aloud to have Careers, and were expected to marry and have children. Boys' education, however, were considered very important because they would have careers and families to support when they grew up. Jane was rather glad to be home with her parents and brothers again because she felt the most comfortable with them.

The Austen children's favorite thing to do was put on plays, either in the living room or in the barn behind the house. With so many in the family they practically had there own theatre company. Jane also enjoyed reading (almost every family member loved to read). Jane especially loved to read novels. Jane began to write when she was around 11 years old. In her twenty's she became more serious about her work.

The first big thing in Janes life in 1801 when she was 25 years old. Reverend Austen retired from the church, and the family had to move out of the Steventon rectory. Jane couldn't bear the though of of leaving the only home she ever knew. According to Cassandra's letter when she heard the news she fainted. This wasn't an easy time for Jane. She found the cobblestone streets and tall narrow houses very depressing. Her father had passed away in 1805, Janes mother and Cassandra couldn't afford what they were living in so they moved to Southhampton. All her brothers were married with children and left by now. Jane died un married at the age of 41, she passed away on July 18, 1817


World War 1 and says America was introduced to World War 1 in 1917 when German ships began to threaten American Ships in the Atlantic Ocean. America later declared war on Germany. World war 1 was Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the U.S. The U.S. Joining gave France and Britain an advantage. This war lasted four years. The War ended on November 11, 1918. Around nine million people died and 21 million injured.