James W. Farnham The Second

My Great Great Grandfather By: Shane Mahon

Important Things He Did

James W. Farnham The Second served in World War 1. He was a soldier who fought in WW1 in the US army.

Facts About WW1

  • World War 1 was a trench war
  • The war started when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated
  • 9 million soldiers were killed
  • 21 million men were wounded
  • Tanks had genders male tanks had cannons, female tanks had machine guns

More things about WW1

Weapons that were used in WW1

More about James W. Farnham the Second

Death of James W. Farnham

James W. Farnham died January 1995 the exact day has been forgotten.


His birthday is unknown to me and my family it was a very long time ago so we can not remember when.

Where he lived

I am pretty sure he lived in Kansas or Missouri.