Pronoun city

Subjective pronouns

this was the saddest day in history the cookies of talking were stolen...

Officer: I know one of you stole the cookies of talking know who was it.

Macie: she stole the cookies of talking sir.

Cassie: I did not how dare you.

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Objective pronouns

It was 1 am the officer was trying to figure it out but he couldn't...

Officer: alright I had enough of your games who did it.

Macie: it was her cant you see.

Cassie: I'm sorry but it was me.

Officer: this isn't adding up.

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Possessive pronouns

The officer wasn't that smart as he tries to solve the case...

Officer: ok spill the beans who did it?

Macie: I'm telling you Cassie did it.

Cassie: well I didn't steal it because they were mine.

Officer: why can't I figure this out.

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Compound personal pronouns

The officer finally found out who it was but he was wrong...

Officer: your under arrest Macie.

Macie: for what I did nothing you can't blame me for something I didn't do.

Officer: that's enough.

Cassie: haha have fun in jail all by yourself.

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Since Macie is in jail Cassie thought she could run for president...

Officer: oh the candidate is making her speech today. How do you feel?

Macie: good for her I'm happy actually.

Officer: really you seem kind of mad.

Macie: I'm just fine really I am.

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Demonstrative pronouns

Cassie was saying her speech and it went something like this...

Cassie: hello everyone I'm macie and I think that we need to fight back for this country it makes sense. This can be a huge if we fight back so vote for me as a vote for victory and wins.

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Numeral pronouns

At the prison they were having some troubles with Macie...

Officer: Macie why aren't you eating you sandwich eat it right know.

Macie: make me.

Officer: I will count to three and if you don't take one bite from that sandwich I will have to put you back in the prison.

Macie: (takes a bite of the sandwich)

Officer: good girl.

Macie: I'm not a dog.

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Indefinite pronouns

Cassie was having the time of her life since she was elected president...

Cassie: maid could you get me some.

Maid: some of what? Cupcakes

Cassie: yes what else is in front of you.

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Interrogative pronouns

Sadly Cassie changed America it's no longer a free country anymore. She changed it so she's a dictator and she always wondered where Macie was and the answer is nobody knows she got out of jail but who bailed her out? No one knows. Macie was filled with mysteries.
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