Los Angeles

My Dream Vacation

Dream Vacation

Since I was little I always wanted to visit california and visit Los Angeles.I think Los Angeles is a beautiful place to live in,ive always seen pretty pictures on the internet about Los Angeles and I just wanna visit it so bad and see whats down there,so this is my Dream Vacation!Im excited for the future to see if i really am gonna visit Los Angeles In California.If I ever do I will take pictures and remember this document I made and look what I wrote.


It will take me 23 hours and 28 minutes from willis Tx to Los Angeles ,California.Its 1587 miles from willis all the way over there.I will take my older sister with me to have some funtimes with her.We will get there by driving a car because plane tickets are to expensive .Gas might be expensive but its worth it ,u will spend less money on gas than a airplane ,even tho there is going to be a lot of stops to put gas in your car but at the end of the day me and my sister are both going to go to my dream vacation!We will at least stay there for 2 weeks and have some fun while were there.When 2 weeks pass we will head back to willis.


while me and my sister are at Los Angeles California we are going to eat at A Resturuant ,im a little bit excited to see what kind of food they serve over there.We will also be going to the movies and go to places we have never been before in our lifes. .Things we can do at Los Angeles California is go to the beach,Hollywood walk of fame and disney land ,those are the main ones i wanna go to with my sister while were at Los Angeles California.We will have lots of fun going to all these places at Los Angeles


The name of the hotel me and my sister are going to be staying at is called "Las Palmas Suites"It will cost us $145 per night.For 2 weeks the total will be $2030.We will be staying there for at least 2 weeks.It might be a little bit expensive but its a beautiful place and cheap for a pretty place like that.While were at that hotel we will swimming,eating,playing games and have some fun!Me and my sister have never been to a hotel in Los Angeles and I bet she is excited as I am.Cant wait to see a beautiful hotel in Los Angeles.


Gas will be around $300 dollars or more because it is a long ride from Willis,Tx to Los Angeles,California.Its out of state so It is going to be some money for gas when you leave a state.The hotel we will be staying will cost us $145 a night.Our food at the resturuant we are whiling to go will cost us $75 for only 2 people.The food at our hotel will probably be around $300 because we will eat breakfast and Dinner for 2 weeks.

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