Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

Future Plans

My career in the future I will like to do bull riding. bull riding is in my family for years my dad was a bull rider when he was young and was the champion in bull riding. I want to keep the tradition going. Bull riding is a dangerous sport because it takes a lot of practice to ride the 8 seconds. If u don't have practice u can get her very fast on top of a bull it takes a lot of practice to be as good as the professional bull riders in the television. I will want to stop bull riding at the age of 30.

Personality test

My personality test came out to be an orange. Im very spontaneous at new things i learn.

Im very generous and helpful and immediate at want I'm going to do.


The o*net profiler results were that I'm good at Enterprising. People with enterprising interest like to work on carrying out Business projects. These people like taking action rather than thinking about things.

Carrer Choisess

1._automotive body & Related repairs

2._Fishers & Related fishing workers

3._Sheriffs & Deputy sheriffs

4._Farms & Ranch managers

5._Fuel cell engineers

6._Architectural & Engenering managers

7._Chief Executives

8._Chefs & Head cooks


10._Nandsystems Engineers

Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs

I can be patrolling areas all around the u.s. I can chases crooks and send them to the court house. On the sheriffs Jobs u never know what new things are the next day u go patrolling. U never expect whats going to happen the next day u go patrolling.

Education Choices

My #1 Education Choice

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Paragraph On Education Choice

University Of North Texas its the best choice for me because its not that far from were i live.

The University Of North Texas has the best Criminal Justice/Safety Studies option for me.

Texas Reality check

Your monthly expenses Houston

Housing $812

Utilities $451

Food $400

Transportation $733

Clothes $275

Health care $73

Personal $375

Entertainment $100

Misc $200

Savings $72

Studentdept Loan $101

Monthly Expenses $3603

Annual Expenses $43,241

Taxes (25% of annual expenses) $10,810

Annual Salary Needed $54,052

My Annual Salary

My annual salary is 56,810 and my annual expenses are 54,052 and my left over money is about 2,752 dollars left for what would want to buy what ever i want.