JJHS Home & School News

September 13, 2022

The JJHS Home & School Annual Fundraiser Starts TODAY!

Today is the big day!

Students attended grade-level assemblies this morning to learn about

the fundraiser and how their efforts will benefit them and JJHS!

Please download the flyer below for all of the information

you'll need to know about how it works!

The AF is the only fundraiser of the year for Home & School.

The fundraiser earnings benefit all students.

Some of the ways the earnings are used:

Team Incentives

Supplies for special incentives for students, funding for fun SEL days, POD Days

Character Education

WEB Leader Programming and Training, WEB Program for 6th Grade students,

Bunker prizes the kids purchase with earned Patriot Pay

Performing Arts

Funding for costumes and performance rights for musicals

Staff Appreciation

Funding to show appreciation to JJHS teachers, administration and staff

Specific to 8th Grade:

Boat Trip

20% of each student's sales total for the fundraiser

is deducted from the price of their Boat Trip

8th grade celebration budget and t-shirts

These items were purchased for JJHS with earnings

from the Annual Fundraiser last year:

Art Table and stools

Who Are We vinyl flags for each grade level

Author visit

Outdoor Storage Shed for Athletic and PE Equipment

Stream Table Deluxe for Science classes

Sensory fidget toys and mood cards

Large outdoor timer clock

How can you support your student and JJHS?

1. Order magazines!

2. Make a donation in $25 increments

3. Order Home Delivered Items

JJHS Home & School appreciates your support of our fundraiser for JJHS!

Questions? Contact JJHSfundraiser@gmail.com

Volunteer to help at the Prize Days!

This is a great way to see what the fundraiser is all about,

and a fun way to see your student at lunch!