the cloning story


when it started

it started in the 1960's with two men named august welsman and wilhelm roux . August Weismann was a German evolutionary biologist. Wilhelm Roux was a German zoologist and pioneer of experimental embryology. they were both German and worked together to create cloning .theywere the two main key people.

first tes

the first test was on July 5,1996 . by a man named Han Spemann . it was when a sheep named dolly was born,the first ever to be was done by a process called 'somatic nuclear cell transfer'its when the when the nucleus is taken out of a cell and put to the egg cell before the cell is split.

types of cloning

there are three types of cloning .reproductive cloning ,it is the production of a genetic duplicate of another organism.human reproductive cloning is the exact same thing but with humans.the last one is therapeutic cloning its the removal of the nucleus witch contains the genetic information,after that you inject it into an unfertilised egg where the nucleus has already been removed.

benefits and risk

there are good things and bad things about cloning .lets start with the good things(benefits).you can try many types of experiments with cloning ,such as creating another human from another human or say if you wanted a certain type of fruit or vegetable you could take its jeans and inject it into a seed and you will get what you cloned .even though there are great things that comes out of cloning but there are bad things such as , if you dont do the process right you make that person or thing die, or if you just make a little mistake the thing you cloned wont come out right.


the government controls weather you can clone or not the reason for this is because you can do wrong and bad things can happen .only fifteen states are able to human cloning. if you don't do it right you could in trouble .the government controls because people use it wrong they use it in the wrong way.