San Miguel Arcangel

By. Allan A. Alvarez

Mission History

Mission San Miguel Arcangel was built 1797. This mission is the 16th mission. The Indian tribe that built it was the Salina indians . The founder of the mission was Padre Fray de Larsen. August 25, 1806, fire burned two rows of the mission roof. October Fray Cabot baptmized 22 Yokut. December 14, 1814, Indians built a new church at the mission. In 1818 the Yokut fight with San Juquin Valley. In 1,076 at the mission August 1799 Fray De. Larsen left the mission.

Daily life at mission for everyone who lived there

The Salina tribe lived at the mission. Fray Larsen was in charge of the mission. The women had to make the food, take care of the chidden , make the cloth. the men had to grow the crops, labored in the fields,worked in the workshop. They grow peas, cron,barley, and bens. their were no school in the mission.there were a church, house,and workshop. At some time they had free time.

Mission Today

The church is not open to day. There is not a field trip about it or a museum. The church is still here,but it is closed.


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