Wanted: Small Pox (Variola Major)

By: Jaiden Baliga

Photo Micro-graph (Wanted Photo)

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This is Small Pox: If found do not approach- stay a safe distance away and call local Hazmat.

What to Protect, and How it finds you.

The Small Pox Virus attacks the muscular system, the nervous system, epithelial tissue, and the respiratory system. It spreads through direct contact, bodily fluid, blood, and air droplets. It is extremely dangerous. So essentially, do not be near small pox when it is assaulting its victim, for you might be its next victim...


A human killer at heart, it does not kill most anything else. It did however kill three hundred million humans. This disease is feral, armed, and dangerous, and could continue to kill if allowed to.


Other than the obvious crime of killing three hundred million people, it is also responsible for the development of cysts on the body, rashes, respiratory failure, heart failure, scarring, and blindness. Ruthless and merciless, it kills indiscriminately and kills efficiently, with the added bonus of grievous bodily harm.

Hide Out

Most all of small pox is now contained in a government Black Site in the middle of the pacific ocean. Though government officials and scientists think that all of it has been contained, there is a possibility that it may still exist in a dormant form within developing countries.

The Fight Back

Small Pox has been contained, and there in now nothing that needs to be done to protect against it, but just in case small pox is released out of the lab in the middle of the pacific ocean, carried all the way to the mainland of some country, and starts to kill again, it is probably a good idea to get a vaccination which is a huge deterrent to the virus.