Escaping the Giant Wave

BY: PEG KEHRET/page numbers:151


Have you ever gone on your dream vacation? Kyle, a 13 year old boy, thought this was it. They were staying at the Oregon coast when Kyle's parents asked him to babysit his little sister, BeeBee. It was not so bad of a night when suddenly an earthquake hit. The earthquake started a fire and the kids struggled to get out. When they got out they remembered a sign that said a tsunami could occur after an earthquake. They are pushed to there physical limits as they try to escape the GAINT WAVE!! /3rd person.

Catch Phrase:

Live life to the fullest because there may be no tomorrow!!


There are many themes in this book, but there is one that sticks out. When Kyle and BeeBee were running away from the wave, they wouldn't stop. They kept pursuing their journey further up hill.

I have many ways to connect with this theme. For one thing I never give up if I really want something. I will not stop until I get it. That can be a good or a bad thing. Some examples are: Dance, swimming, CYT, and lastly school. School is one I tend to pursue the least, I don't try as hard but in the end I always get things done. Kyle and BeeBee did NOT want to keep running but they new they had to finish. That is how I connect to the theme of the book ESCAPING THE GIANT WAVE