Welcome to the Shooting Stars Team

New Stylist: Ready, Set, GO!


Now that you are engulfed into everything STELLA and DOT...it's time to get you off to a great start! As your sponsor, I am here every step of the way to make sure you love what you do!

There is a ton of training that can be done on your own time in the lounge! Have fun browsing the videos and getting to know our home office!

I have also added you to our team page! Now it's time for some FUN!

Are you ready??? I have some CHALLENGES for YOU over the next 4 weeks!!!

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THREE part NEWBIE Challenge!

I have a fun three part challenge for YOU ! If you complete all three parts by your 30 days, you will earn yourself some DISPLAY items !

Here we go...

#1- Schedule a 15 minute call with ME once a week. We will go over the basics and I will help you book your first four shows!

#2- BOOK FOUR shows in your 60 days! Have Four dates ready to go by Day 30! This is proven to get you off to a fast and successful stat! The more you do in your jumpstart, the more $$$$ you'll make and the more products you will earn for FREE! Oh..and yes, you'll meet a TON of strangers you will book and continue your business with!!!

***One of these shows can be YOUR Launch SHOW!

#3- Sell $1000 in your first 30 days!! Guess what happens if you do this?? You earn a QUICK START JUMPSTART! YAY! This is $100 in product credits (10% back for jumpstart!) and the Quick Start Bonus of $100! This can be done with one to two shows!

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I believe in YOU! Are you ready for this?? Let's have FUN! and do this together!!!

Complete all FOUR tasks by your 30th day and I'll send you a SET OF FIVE TRAYS! :)

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