"Dear America I walk In dread"

Lisa Rowe Fraustino project by luis

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Story Plot

Exposition:The story,"I walk in Dread",takes place in Massachusetts Bay colony,1691.Its about a girl named DeliveranceTrembley who writes a diary about herself.The main characters are DeliveranceTrembley,sister of DeliveranceTrembley. Text Evidence Setting:"Title Front cover Deliverance finds out her sister has bad breathing as she typically does when there is work.The weather has turned cold again an they can get to their house.somebody was with Deliverance,Deliverance said "Before long Mem was down on her stomach,with me sitting across her back and holding on to her mane of hair.See you are a horse she said I am not a witch.Do not ye dare ever say that again! Falling Action:people are founding out that Deliverance is a witch.They found out she was a witch because she had the potential to read and they don't. she has to prove that she is not a witch.she doesn't know how to prove that she's a witch. Resolution:she escapes from the terror of been with the devil and is not a witch anymore and she proves it to all the people.


conflict:The conflict of my book is Man v.s. Society she tries to prove shes not a witch the people hate her try to kill her some people are afraid of her.The theme is never give up on what you do,be brave and face the problems that you have. The protagonist is DeliveranceTrembley she's the good one the smart one she's facing problems.The antagonist are the society they're trying to kill her. 4 Historical Facts:1The town of salem and surrounding areas experienced one of Americas most famous of mass hysteria. 2 The charter of 1691 merged the Plymouth colony and Maine into Massachusetts bay colony. 3 william the third of England defeats former king james the second and Irish rebels at battle of the boyne in Ireland. 4The salem witch hunts,spurred by preaching,results in the arrestof hundred and fifty people and the death of ninnetenn.