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May 2021

Graduation for Everyone!

Every child is graduating from something...

Meeting a therapy goal!
Trying a new food!

Making a new friend!
Becoming potty-trained!
Moving to a new grade in school!

2020-2021 has been an especially difficult year, and we want to acknowledge our kids' hard work and achievements! We are thrilled to be able to offer an IN-PERSON option for celebrating safely with our supportive community.

This year, we are planning a Graduation Celebration Drive-Through Event & Picnic where graduates will receive official recognition (complete with their own personalized medal), participate in an interactive parade/procession, and have their graduation photo taken, all from the comfort & safety of their cars. Siblings also welcome--as always! Families are invited to bring lunches from home and meet some other C.I.T.Y. families in an appropriately-distanced picnic on the lawn either before/after their scheduled procession time. The event's location is nearby Lake Arlington and Camelot Park/Pool, so families could always choose to "make a day of it," and spend some time in Arlington Heights.

Reservations for a "Procession Time" are required in order to avoid traffic jams, but the entire event is meant to be FREE & FUN for families all around Chicagoland. Children can be registered as individual graduates or as part of their clinic's specific Graduating Class--check with your clinic to see if they are participating! (Clinics: Visit our sponsorship link here!)

Visit the link; sign up your graduate(s); and join in the celebration! "Every child is graduating from something," so let's take the time to feature their accomplishments this past year!

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"Thank You For Helping Me Grow"

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd-7th and Mother's Day is May 9th! C.I.T.Y.'s new Creative Card Packages are the perfect way to show these important people how much you and your child appreciate them. The spring-themed package includes (6) cards & envelopes plus all the materials your child needs to make thoughtful, one-of-a-kind notes. All for $14.

Our Individual Card Kits with step-by-step directions are also available in sweet spring appreciation themes or fun summer birthday designs. One kit is $3 or purchase several and save 15% off your total with the coupon code MORETHAN1.

Accessible Support Collection

C.I.T.Y. of Support is proud to partner with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in sponsoring an accessible support collection of books and materials that meet the needs of families in our organization. By supporting this program, we are adding to the inclusivity and diversity of our neighborhood, demonstrating the importance of acknowledging and supporting our community of families with children in therapy.

We need your help!! What would you want to see included in this special collection? Books for children, books for parents, adaptive toys/tools, media products, developmental skill kits...what is on your wishlist? Share your suggestions with us on this form.

This collection in Arlington Heights is our pilot site; however, with continued interest and funding, we would love to sponsor other accessibility collections in libraries all across Chicago.

Birthday Buddies

Parents: Sign your child up to participate in this fun, FREE program, and he/she will receive a handmade birthday card in the mail from another child who receives therapy services. What a fun way to make early social connections and celebrate everyone. Our Google Form is quick, easy, and secure, so take a minute, and register your child today!

Clinics/Schools: Reserve a month for patients/students at your site to participate, and have them help assemble our special DIY birthday cards for anonymous peers! These projects encourage social connections and also address important therapeutic skills. We have a

Sign-Up Genius where you can find all the details and select your month!

**Thank you to Pediatric Interactions for sponsoring our

April birthdays! The kids at your clinic did such a great job!**

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Meet our 2021 Board Member Nominees

We were so impressed and humbled by the applications we received this year. Thank you to all of our applicants, and we look forward to your continued participation in our C.I.T.Y--

We would love to work with all of you!

Our nomination committee is excited to introduce our general membership to Sara and Molly. Should you wish to provide feedback about these board member nominees, please email hello@cityofsupport.org by this Sunday, 4/25, prior to the board's official, final vote.

Important Reminders

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