Persuasion Unit

Are you easily persuaded?

per·sua·sion : /pərˈswāZHən/

the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.

rhet·o·ric: /redərik/

the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

Vocabulary for persuasion unit can be found at:

Foundation for Argumentation: Rhetorical Appeals

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
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Elements of an Argument:

  • Hook- Opening that grabs the reader’s attention and establishes a connection between the reader and writer.
  • Claim- A clear statement of the writer’s belief and what is being argued.
  • Concessions- restatements of arguments made by other side.
  • Refutations- writer’s arguments against those opposing viewpoints.
  • Support- Reasoning behind the argument. Support can include evidence as well as logical and emotional appeals.
  • Summary/Call to Action- Closing statement with a final plea for action.

Advertising Techniques:

  • Bandwagon- Seems as though EVERYONE is buying this product, so you better buy it too! This technique makes you feel left out if you are not investing in this item.
  • Avant-garde- Makes the product seem so new and so cool that you will be the FIRST on the block to have it. Only super-cool people like you will even know about this product.
  • Testimonials- Advertisers use celebrities or just regular people to endorse the product. So someone really popular is using it, or someone just like you is using it.
  • Facts and Figures- Statistics, percentages, and numbers are used to convince you that this product is more effective than another product.
  • Transfer- Gets you to associate the good feelings shown in the ad with the product itself. Then the good feelings transfer when you buy the product.

Analyzing an Advertisment

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Hook= dessert looking image, bright colors, neatly placed fruit.

Claim= "Lip balm that makes you smile"

Support= Paraben free, shea butter, jojoba oil (all natural ingredients) USDA organic logo

Call to Action= Find your favorite at major drugstores and retailers


Ethos= USDA Organic

Logos= All natural product, therefore it is "good" for your body

Pathos= emotions tied to dessert, feel good of something sweet

3. Advertising techniques

Transfer= Feelings of dessert to their product

4. Audience= young females/ young women/ Print ad found in Teen Vogue Magazine

5. Is the ad effective?

I believe the ad is effective because the ad uses all three rhetorical appeals to persuade an audience. Furthermore, the product is said to be all natural. If the target audience wants a product that is good for their body, they will go with an organic option especially one that is 95% organic and approved by the USDA. Lastly, the idea that the product is tied to the idea of dessert is persuasive because of the good feelings associated with dessert. The transfer from the dessert to the product is successful especially with the "berry-like" design of the product.

Still confused? Watch this video on ethos, pathos, logos...

Ethos, Logos, Pathos


The food truck industry has heavily increased in number and variety within the past five years. Businesses, universities, and even school districts are considering alternative means to nutrition/ food distribution/ options.

Your objective is to create a food truck business that would attract a certain audience and persuade them to spend their money at your food truck.

Criteria for Credit:

1. Develop a theme for your food truck/ food truck business. This theme should target an audience.

2. Create a slogan for your business. This should a short, catchy phrase that your clients will come to associate you with.

3. Based on your individual strengths, assign roles within your ad agency:

· Presentation Exec – responsible for maintaining the focus and overall mission of the group; must gather and return materials during each brainstorming period. Responsible for presentation materials.

· Social Media Expert/ Flier – responsible for creating a social media badge for Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter or a paper flier- must be able to use creativity in forming a design that is memorable, practical, and unique.

· Menu Designer - responsible for consulting any notes taken on rhetorical modes (ethos, pathos & logos) and persuasive techniques (bandwagon, testimonials, etc.) and to apply these ideas to your product to reach assigned demographic. Responsible for the menu pricing and design.

· Food Truck Curator- responsible for the sketch and design of the food truck. Must ensure that sketch fits within the overall theme of project, and employs rhetorical modes (ethos, pathos & logos).

Each member is responsible for final quality of product, as well as monitoring quality of output along the way; will proofread for conventional errors to ensure that company is satisfied with final product. Each member should also ensure that all persuasive appeals and rhetorical appeals are being used appropriately.

4. Assign who will take on which part of the poster presentation. On your poster you will need the following:

· Menu- with pricing guide for customers

· Social Media Badge- this should be an advertisement for your food truck to be used on Instagram or Twitter/ Facebook.

· Food Truck Design- this should be a rough sketch of the design of your food truck.

· *Remember these three products make up your food truck campaign. These three should work together to produce a whole idea that should persuade an audience to come eat/spend money at your food truck.

5. Based on individual roles, you will work together to design your product. The CEO (your teacher) will facilitate your group work days. Your product MUST include at least:

- ONE rhetorical appeal (ethos, pathos, or logos)

- TWO advertising techniques (bandwagon, testimonial, etc.)

- A unique business name

- An attention-grabbing hook

- Claim (what point are you trying to prove about your product?)

- Support (what can you use to convince your audience that this product is worth buying?)

- Call to action

- Three products all pasted to a poster board: Menu, Social Media Print Out/ Flier, Food Truck Sketch

6. You will present these to a committee of your peers Thursday, who will then evaluate the effectiveness of your rhetorical strategies employed in your ad. Your classmates will then vote on which group presented the most persuasive campaign, and the winning team will receive two extra points on their grade. J

Social Media Flier

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Advertising Elements:

  • Fried food concept throughout
  • Hook: Appealing images
  • Claim: Food that's out of this world!
  • Ad Tech: Facts Figures- Five Star Review
  • Ad Tech: Bandwagon- Social Media plugs and hashtags- Implicit message: others are posting on popular media and you should too.
  • Rhetorical Appeal: Logos- Its logical to get free food for kids. Saves money.


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Library Day:

Use today to compose the elements for your Food Truck Project.

You have access to a printer! Use it!

Make sure you are using rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) as well as persuasive techniques (bandwagon, testimonial, etc.) within the design process.

See Mrs. Rund ASAP if you need clarification or have questions.

REMEMBER- this is about persuading an audience... show me you understand the basic elements of persuasion and rhetoric! :)