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This Is How Vibrator Dildo Makes a Girl Crave For Sex

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to arouse a girl and make her crave for sex. This is simply because, women in comparison to men needs more of foreplay and arousal activities. Women like to have love making that is just like a beautiful journey of love. But… What about the ladies who generally use dildos for sexual satisfaction? They also need to be aroused in a similar manner just as a man gets her wild and wet in the bed.

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Thus, if you are a girl, you certainly need to know the following info that will help you feel the real sex, just by using a simple vibrating dildo. On the other hand, if you are boy, this is even more important to you. While love making, introduce a dildo in the foreplay and see how your love lady rides on you.

Use the dildo on her arousing sweet zones, in order to let her crave for sex:

1. Abdomen

The lower abdomen contains lots of nerves that feel really amazing to girls. Kissing the abdomen, licking with tongue can do great wonders on your girl. At this moment, introduce a pocket-sized realistic vibrator dildo and let the dildo vibrate on her abdomen. She will greatly feel pampered. The nerves in abdomen are attached to the vagina. Thus, vibrations in abdomen help women to get aroused.

2. Feet

The feet also produce great sensations when touched sexually. As the male partner, you can use the dildo on her feet and start pampering her. If you are a girl, it is important for you to close your eyes and imagine the boy you have always admired. Feel as if your beloved is pampering your feet.

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3. Lower Back

The feeling cannot be explained in words, when a man kisses a lady on her lower back and keep caressing her and massaging the lower back. Consisting of a bunch of nerve endings, the back portion of a girl is ideal where you can use the dildo. If you are a couple, always ask your man to give a sexy back massage to you.

4. Inner Thighs

Girls.. Do not miss this sensitive zone of your body, while using the dildo. Boys, on the other hand, make sure that while you are pampering your girl; you kiss or lick your partner’s inner thighs. Also, use dildo on her thighs. Give her a tight lip lock, use your hand to touch her arms, nipples etc and use another hand to hold the dildo vibrating on her thighs.

Keep the Mood On

You can explore more of the erogenous zones that feel really sexy and arousing. If you are a single lady, do not be upset; if you use the dildo on your arousing spots, you’ll definitely feel the pleasure of real sex. However, if you are a boy, make sure that you use the toy on all her different zones (including scalp, neck and clitoris) and get her really really wet and horny in bed.

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