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Adopted on April 27, 1994, the flag of South Africa was designed to symbolize unity. The red, white and blue colors were taken from the colors of the Boer Republics. The yellow, black and green are taken from the African National Congress (ANC)flag
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Above is the map of South Africa.

Typical Dishes

  • Maize Porridge
  • Tripe
  • Morogo
  • Chakalaka
  • Amadumbe
  • Ubiquitous Boerewors Roll


The Europeans landed in Capetown in 1652 and they didn't want to expand their land, but just harvest all of the materials. In the beginning the nineteenth century, division of local settlers and metropolitan rulers accelerated widening racial divide between whites and blacks. There were discoveries of minerals in late nineteenth century- diamonds in 1867 and gold in 1886. Altered economy and political structure.


There are variations of groups with different languages, religions, and race. Zulu, Ndenele, Khosian, Hindu, Muslim, and Afrikaner.


Some of the vegetables grown in South Africa are:



Beet root




Why should I come and visit South Africa?

South Africa offers a unique mix of wildlife, culture, and beautiful landscape.

Also Kruger National Park is one of the best places in the world for viewing African wildlife.

In addition to wildlife and landscape, there are no language barriers, so everyone speaks English. Also, South Africa has beautiful and clear bodies of water.


Economy: Upper middle country

Government: Constitutional Democracy

GDP: 350 billion

The president is Jacob Zuma

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