Week 26 In Second Grade!

* Poetry * Plants * Verb Tenses * Fractions *

No School On Monday!

We are beginning to study poetry this week, and we'll be reading and writing couplets. In grammar, we are studying past, present, and future tense verbs. We are also finishing putting together our folktales and hope to have a film festival with the Kindergarten classes soon. They are really something special and I know you will enjoy seeing them, too. In math, we are beginning unit 8 which focuses on fractions. This is a tough skill for many student, so practicing at home is very beneficial. Cooking and baking together is a fun way to incorporate fractions at home.


This week we will begin studying plants, and I would love to fill our classroom with plant life. If you have any cool houseplants, (I can return them), or would like to donate herbs or other small plants, please feel free to send them in. Even sending in cuttings, avocado pits, or plant seeds would be awesome. We will be planting sunflowers in our classroom on Wednesday!

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I feel so blessed to teach your children everyday. They bring me so much joy! Thank you for all your support.