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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

January 4, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead

WEEKLY THEME: Welcome Winter Weather!

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are halfway through another great school year? With the winter weather approaching here in Ohio, please make sure our students are bundled up in winter clothing before they head out the door for school. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. The start of winter must be just around the corner!


Our phonics dovetails nicely with the winter theme. We will make a wild and wacky walrus puppet, a winter word Pictionary and white winter collages. With or without snow, learning about the letter "Ww" should be Wonderful!

"The Three Little Kittens That Lost Their Mittens" is a nursery rhyme well suited to our winter weather. Rhyming words to work on are kittens/mittens and cry/pie. We will also clap the number of syllables in the rhyming words. I encourage you to practice both rhyming and syllable clapping at home with your child.

Many of our reading selections will help us learn how both people and animals adapt and keep warm during winter. We will contribute to a class book through use of an experience chart titled "In Winter". Each child will dictate a sentence or phrase for the chart. The chart will then be used to make observations about letters, words, and the conventions of print. Later in the week, each child will be given his/her individualized sentence with the words cut apart. By referring to the class chart, decoding, or reading, each child will reconstruct and glue down the dictated sentence. The sentence will then be illustrated. This should make a very interesting book for our class.

Online Storytime: The Mitten


Mittens certainly are needed to keep hands warm this time of the year. We are going to use our mittens to graph, sort, measure, and look at symmetry. Each child needs to bring a pair of mittens to school by Tuesday. They can be old, larger or smaller, and will need to remain at school for the week. We will also begin to count by two's and will use a hundred's chart. The chart will help us discover the pattern made by skip-counting by two's.

Math in Focus will continue to hone our understanding of ten charts and math facts.

Frozen "In Summer" song -- Official | HD

Star of the Week--HENRIK MILLER

Meet our Star of the Week, Henrik Miller.

Way to go, Henrik! Henrik is a hockey player--loves the game! He also like to ride his bike, play any game that you can play requiring a ball,enjoys video games and Star Wars. Henrik knows how to be a friend. At school, he likes gym, recess, and learning, especially when it is hands-on.

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Help Needed This Week:

*One pair of mittens for math (for each child) by Tuesday.

They can be adult gloves/mittens, old mittens, etc. Just be sure they are not the mittens that your child wears to school every day. Please write your child's name inside. The mittens will be returned later.

*One instant cocoa packet (the kind that needs water only for each child) We will enjoy making cocoa on Thursday as a part of our study of States of Matter

School Closing Info--When School is Closed ...

Please note the following important schedule and logistics when Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is closed due to weather conditions. Please also note that when CHCA is closed, all after school activities are canceled unless you are notified otherwise.

Note that TV or radio stations do not allow specificity for our 4 buildings so we all follow "Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy". There is no delination by building or campus. You will be notified of the plan via our phone messaging system, but just to be sure you are informed, ALWAYS listen to your local TV or radio stations. (There have been occasions when our phone messaging system did not reach all intended parties.).

After school care (Eagles Nest and Eagles Landing) will NOT be open for any students.


Dear Families,

I hope that your holiday was blessed and filled with the love of Jesus -- a time of family and focus on the meaning of Christmas. There were many people from time to time at my house over the holidays. There were many dishes to wash and meals to prepare, but it was a time of coming back together and enjoyment as we had the pleasure of spending time together.

A very special tank you to our very special moms who helped us with our Christmas party helped with Christmas party. Our Happy Birthday Jesus Party came complete with birthday cake. The children presenting their birthday gifts to the Baby Jesus was very touching and meaningful. I hope the children were able to experience what it means to give in the name of the Lord. "When you do it unto the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.”

The cookie walk was fun and I am sure that all of the cookies have been consumed by now. The class recipe book, I hope, will be a nice keepsake of this very special year.

Mrs. Smith was able to take all of the kindergarten “baby gifts” to Children’s Hospital the Friday that school was out. I will try and report back as to how the gifts were received.

A very Happy New Year to all of our families! May God bless all of you!!