MISIC Physical Education Workshop

Exercise for Learning

Exercise For Learning--Growing Dendrites And Connecting The Dots Through The Shape America Standards

Workshop Facilitator - Bev Brown (Ahern)

Past Physical Education K-12 and College Instructor

Friday, April 6th, 8:30am-2pm

330 Main Street

Dike, IA

Thursday, April 19th, 8:30am-2pm

610 West 4th Street

Storm Lake, IA

Registration and Workshop Cost

Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/Xk4S5Fw3aWdeNb5q1

Workshop Cost:(Lunch Included)

MISIC Members $50

Non-MISIC Members $175


8:00 - 8:30 - Meet and Greet with Refreshments Being Served

8:30 Welcome, Overview, and Team Builder

Outcomes for Our Work Today Aligned To Research & The Shape America Standards

8:45 - 10:00 - Understand the recent research about the importance about exercise, learning, and healthy living

  • What is the role of physical educators in the enhancement of academic and intellectual development?
  • What is exercising doing for us? Exercise has to be a part of the solution of getting our bodies healthy. What does this look like in PE classes and in life? There isn’t a disease or mental health condition in which exercise is not a foundational strand to getting the body back or keeping in a healthy condition.

10:00 - 10:15 Break

10:15 - 11:15 - Understand and reflect on how various activities and/or assessments align with the National Standards

  • What are the National Shape America Standards? What do they look like in the classroom? How do we know that the Shape America Standards are making a difference for the students’ learning and for our instruction?

11:15 - Noon (Lunch Will Be Provided)

Noon - 1:45

You Will Have The Opportunity To Share Various Activities and/or Assessments From Your Classroom Aligned With the Shape America Standards! You will walk away with more ideas to use in your classroom tomorrow!

  • Each person should anticipate spending about 20 minutes showcasing and/or teaching a PE Lesson with a small group of three or four elementary, middle school, or high school colleagues. This will allow everyone to be able to share a lesson and receive feedback from peers. (Please bring the necessary equipment for your lesson that you will be sharing.)
  • You should be able to share the standards being addressed, actually teach the lesson for a small group, and then provide how to collect evidence on student learning and understanding. (Complete the form attached here, send it to Jamie prior to the workshop, and bring six copies with you.)

  • Name of Activity
  • Shape America Standards Being Addressed
  • Brief Description of Actual Activity
  • Description of Assessment (Rubrics, Scoring Guides, Criteria Being Assessed, etc.) even if it is observation, you must have identified the criteria in which the students will be evaluated.

1:45 - 2:00 Closure

What is MISIC?

We exist to support district leaders and teachers in building their confidence and capacity to design and deliver on a curriculum that prepares students for their futures.