May News

8th Grade EWMS

Upcoming Events

  • 8th Grade EOG's--Week of May 17-19th (Reading, Math, then Math I)
  • Water Day--Friday, May 20th
  • 8th Science EOG--May 24th
  • 8th Informal Awards--May 24th at 1:30 (Held outside if weather permits, so please bring lawn chairs for yourself)
  • 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony--Thursday, May 26th at 8:30 in the gym
  • Early Dismissal on Thursday, May 26th (pending Board approval)



All students are involved in EOG Academy. This is an excellent opportunity for students to review material they have learned this year.


Study guides are available for students so they can go back over concepts for the year.


In Bowman's class, each student has a folder which contains activities we are doing in class. Your child can bring this folder home if needed.

In Davis' class, students were given review questions and going over those in class.

Language Arts

We will be going over "Runners" strategies. Please ask your child about these important skills.

Social Studies

We are focusing on WWII and the aftermaths, Civil Rights and modern America.