What Exactly Is Media Literacy??

The Journey To A Better Understading

Media Literacy

What exactly is Media Literacy? Media Literacy is the new “cool” form of literature. It’s a more modern way to become proficient in the subject. With media literacy, you can covey your feelings to different things. Like events that happen throughout the entire world. You learn stuff that you could really use in the future and today. You can create plays, books, a website and games. Media Literacy is using your own brain to understand the world that we live in today. Not anyone else’s opinion, just yours. You’re basically using media (like social media, technology, etc...). What I think it means to be media literate is putting what you know and/or what you have learned so far in your life into action. You comprehend what society or the government wants the people to believe and it’s up to you if you want to agree or disagree with it. For example; the police shootings that happen to some of the people in the black community. The officers, who fatally harm the individual, want you to believe that it was an “accident” or they had a “weapon” or they were in “danger”. Being media literate is being able to reflect and discuss an endless variety of topics. You’re able to inform your peers on your own story or someone else’s story and be their voice. Being media literate is being able to be yourself no matter how old you are, if you’re a boy or girl, or your race. Being media literate is just being you.