Mrs. Hamilton's 2nd Grade Class

October 16, 2015

An EXCITING week of Learning!!!


Pumpkin Math

On Friday, October 30th we will be doing Pumpkin Math! We will use pumpkins to do many different math activities! We still need donations of pumpkins and at least 6 volunteers for this fun learning activity. It will take place in our classroom from 10:45-11:45. Please let me know if you are interested in donating a pumpkin or volunteering! Thank you!

So far I have 4 pumpkins (I am still in need of 3 or 4 more) and I have the following parent volunteers: Melissa Goheen, Kathleen Morrow, April Curtis, Kacy Bensch, Bern Lee, and Kim Upchurch!!! If anyone else wants to attend (or I left your name off), please just let me know!!! THANK YOU!! It will be SO much fun!!


Following Fall Break, 2nd graders will begin spelling. Prior to Fall Break, students will be given a spelling inventory that will help teachers know which groups students will be most successful in. This inventory also helps teachers know which phonics patterns will be most beneficial for students to be working on. I will meet with groups of students to help introduce the spelling pattern they will be working on for the 2 week period. This year 2nd graders will NOT be taking a traditional spelling test. Instead of a formal test, we will be assessing students spelling words in their writing. This is a more authentic way for students to apply the spelling rules they have learned. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences this year at TCE will be a little different! We are all conducting Student Led Conferences! These conferences allow your child to be an important part by having them share their accomplishments and help create goals for the year. Directions were sent out on Wednesday of this week. Please be sure to sign up electronically for a conference date ASAP, if you haven't already! Conferences this year will take place from Monday, October 5th through Wednesday, October 21st. We can’t wait to celebrate your child’s learning with you!

Report Cards and Assessment Information

You can view your child's grades (P, S, N) on Skyward. I will also be sending home a data sheet with assessment information that I have gathered over the past 9 weeks in our classroom while working with your child! The report card and data sheet will not be passed out at conferences. I will be sending home the data sheet next Monday, October 19th! Please look for it in your child's GREEN GO folder!! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your child's grades OR any information on the data sheet!! THANK YOU!!

Fall Fundraiser

Information for the Fall Fundraiser has been sent home. This is a "no sell" fundraiser and all donations will go directly to the school! If you would like to donate, please return the completed form that was send home last week with your child and include a monetary donation. You can also donate online at: httsp://

Thank you SO much for your support!

Donations for the Art Room

Miss Meyer, our Art teacher, is so excited to try a new assignment with our second grade students. They are going to create paper mache piggy banks. We are asking for help with recycled supplies. We need empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls! Students can feel free to drop these items in the bucket outside the art room door. They will be starting the assignment within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for always helping!

Lost Library Books!!

Please make sure that you take an extra look around your house for LOST Library Books!! We know how easy it is for them to get mixed in with our own books, but we have some kiddos that are missing quite a few and not turning them in!! Don't forget to peek around your house for any that may be hiding!!!

Lost and Found

If your child is missing an item (coat, lunchbox, etc.), please remind him/her to check the lost and found table located in the cafeteria. Many lost items are piling up just waiting to be found! You may wish to label any items sent to school with your child’s name in order to make locating lost items easier.

Classroom Treasure Chest and Lined Writing Paper!!

One student's "trash" is another student's "treasure!" If you have any old toys, birthday party favors, etc... please consider donating them to our classroom treasure box! We are running low on "exciting" items :)!!Thank you! We are also in need of lined writing/ruled (college notebook) loose leaf paper!! We are using it LOTS for Work on Writing! If you are interested in donating either of these things, please just email me or send them in with your student!! We appreciate it!!! :) Thanks!!


There will be NO homework next week as we review standards and content that have been taught these first 9 weeks!! The next week after Fall Break is Week 2 of homework!

Activities and Suggestions to Improve your Child's Reading at Home over Fall Break!!!

*Set aside regular time for reading.

*Model reading and writing for pleasure and specific uses (trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, vacation or special activities that you do over break :).

*Create a quiet, special place in your home to read, write, and draw.

*Find a special place for your child to keep their books.

*Respond positively to children's reading and writing efforts.

*Make reading and writing an enjoyable experience.

Happy Fall Break!!

Because next week is only a 3 day week, the curriculum information below is for next week and the week after break. Next week we will be reviewing standards taught from the first 9 weeks of school. There will be no homework and a newsletter will not be sent out next Wednesday. We will resume our normal homework routine for Week 1 following Fall Break. Please have a happy and safe Fall Break!

Important Information for Next Week and the Week after Fall Break!

Mark Your Calendar!

  • October 5-21: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 22-23: Fall Break
  • October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week
  • October 30: Pumpkin Math

Next Week and the Week after's Related Arts Schedule

Monday, October 19th- Day 4: P.E.

Tuesday, October 20th- Day 5: Music

Wednesday, October 21st- Day 6: Art

Thursday, October 15th- No School

Friday, October 16th- No School

Monday, October 26th- Day 1: P.E.

Tuesday, October 27th- Day 2: Music

Wednesday, October 28th- Day 3: Art

Thursday, October 29th- Day 4: P.E.

Friday, October 30th- Day 5: Music

Class Library Checkout Days:

Our next class library checkout day will be Tuesday, October 20th, and Tuesday, October 27th, but remember, your child may bring his/her books back at anytime. We will find a time for him/her to visit the library individually to get new books!

We Are Learning...


We will be focusing on the characters in realistic fiction stories. We will be studying their point of view and how they respond to challenges. We will also be comparing characters within a story and making personal connections with them. We will also begin reading to understand the central message of stories!


We are busy writing our personal narrative drafts and revising as we go! We are studying mentor texts to help us improve our writing.

Word Study

Word study in 2nd grade includes spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. This week during our word study time, we studied the 5 words: atmosphere, orbit, surface, absorb, effect, and star. We will NOT be learning any new words next week since it is a 3 day week! After break we will focus on: local, party, present, support, rights, and pledge!


This week we will finish up Subtraction! Our class will then move on to learn about arrays and repeated addition. My challenge to the students when we return will be to bring me a picture of an array! We'll then use them to write repeated sentences & maybe even multiplication sentences with! Thanks in advance for your help!


We are finishing our study of the sun and the moon! We are learning about the movement of the earth and the moon around the sun. We are also studying what causes the seasons! We will begin our study of the weather! We will be learning about the day-to-day patterns and the seasonal cycles of weather. We will learn how to use tools to observe and measure weather phenomena like precipitation, changes in temperature, wind speed and direction.