Water Taste Test

By Jacob Van Den Heuvel


The marking research department of a food company has just notified you and your team that they need your help for a taste test.

Gather Info

Tap: The Water system has two reservoirs, with a holding capacity of 250,000- Gallons, and a new elevated Water Tower constructed in 1999, with a capacity of 500,000 Gallons. Nestle Pure Life: Nestle became an instant success and was followed in the early 1940s by Nestea. Niagara: Family Owned & Operated since 1963.


If we taste test water then we believe that Nestle would be the most chosen.


1.) Set up blind on table 2.) Fill up 100 cups of Niagara, Nestle Pure life, Bubbler water sort them out by kind. 3.)Use the randomizer to test. 4.) Record on Ipad and randomizer to tell which one is their favorite. 5.) repeat #3 and 4 for how many people come up to your taste test.


Bubbler water 79%, Nestle 12% Niagara 9%


Do not reject because people could tell the differents between the three brands.

We forgot to put all the water cold because 2 of the water was warm and 1 was cold.